BEST ever broccoli salad

This is an amazing thing – Rebecca (aka hater of all things not dairy or bread or fruit) will eat this. happily. In fact – everyone seems to love it (except Elizabeth)! It’s a broccoli salad recipe I got from a friend – she served it at a party and yum. Also? easy. I made it this past weekend and it was a hit.

First: chop up some broccoli into bite-size pieces. Then place in pot with a bit of water in it (over strainer – so it’s not sitting IN water) and turn on heat high like you would normally cook it. *but* you only want to cook it until it turns bright green/just starts to get tender. Pour it out into colander & rinse with cool water/drain well.

Dressing is 1 cup mayo + 1/4 cup sugar + pinch salt + pinch pepper + 2tbsp red wine vinegar. Mix it up.  (note: i made about 1/2 or 2/3 this amount – it’ll depend on the quantity of broccoli salad you’re making!) Then pour w/broccoli in a nice big bowl.

What to add now? Add in some diced red onion, dried cranberries and candied/glazed nuts (pecans is what I used), also some chopped up bacon and some finely shredded cheese. How much depends on you – and the size of your salad. I went LIGHT on the onion this time because of how many kids were at our place. Most ingredients I used about 1/2 – 3/4 a cup. Really just added until it felt right – there’s no wrong amount here.

 The result, is made of awesome. It’s sweet, it’s fresh, and it will keep in the fridge for a few days too.

Perfect for summer, parties, and SO good.

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