Tim Holtz Project: 10 things layout

Are you ready for another of my layouts that I made for CHA? I hope so! This one is using new Tim Holtz products, and once again features the AMAZING Kraft resist paper. LOVE IT! You can see above how the ink and mists react to the paper – adding color but still showing the patterns.

I added distress stickles to the metal wing (love that), I added a paper rosette, trim, and so much more… pure creative fun.

Here’s the full page:

My journaling is done on the kraft glassine that Tim is releasing. I printed my journaling onto white paper, then taped a sheet of the glassine paper over it (so I knew the printing would happen on it) and re-printed. Then it was just up to me to chop it up into strips! Works great!!

Of course because this is a classic “May” page, I had to add some more stickles. Also more of Tim’s stuff. This layout is 100% Tim Holtz products. LOVE IT!

Happy Crafting.

7 thoughts on “Tim Holtz Project: 10 things layout”

  1. Love the lo! I am anxiously waiting the availability of the kraft resist paper along with many other TH products. Lucky you to already be playing with it. Your girls are as always truly adorable.

  2. I’m not sold on the kraft resist paper. The coolness is in how it works. But how the end result looks? Not so much. Everything I’ve seen showing how to do it, the end results look too shabby chic for my taste. I hate things that look old. (Even in my decore.) So while the idea is cool, I’m not into the look.

  3. If you don’t like a Vintage/distressed look then I would imagine this wouldn’t appeal to you as it IS meant to be just that!

    I am over the moon for this new line, but like anything it’s not for everyone. I think it’s great that you know what works for you vs following trends just because.

    Happy crafting-


  4. I can’t wait to get my hands on the kraft resist. I cannot get enough of the kraft paper these days. I’m really anxious to try it. Is it like the same kind of resist on the Pink Paislee/Parisian Anthology papers? I have a ton of mists that I don’t use often enough – not to mention distress inks – so I’m looking forward to another product that helps me get more use out of stuff I already have. 🙂

  5. It is very similar – in that it’s got a “resist” surface… but actual product and results feel quite different to me since the paper type, printing colors, etc. are all different. I would say if you’ve tried that one, you definitely know the basic “how” this one will work. I love the neutrals!!

  6. This whole page is fabulous – can’t wait to get some of the kraft glassine to play with! But my absolute favourite detail is the distress stickles on the metal wing; I’ve even made a note about that so I don’t forget it. Great inspiration as always – thanks May!

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