K&Co Valentine’s

I love Valentine’s Day, always have. I believe in making about love in general – not romance. I’ve been sending out a few fun “Valentine” packages (some early, some not very much related to anything) to a few people. I’m also sending out a few of these K&Co Valentines. LOVE THEM.

I got this kit at Michael’s and I LOVE how layered and textured and utterly customizable it is – quickly. LOVE!

Here’s what I did to mine. I’ve got a few bits & pieces left over now that I can scrapbook with too!

4 thoughts on “K&Co Valentine’s”

  1. These are so cute. I love the little girl. I want to make up some valentines for my grandkids, but unfortunately I need to do tax preparation first.

  2. Oh May these are just so darn cute. I just LOVE that Darling little Vintage GIRL. Where oh Where did she come from. I would really LOVE to know. AWESOME.
    Bev. (bevelevy)…..

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