you’re ready for this, right?!

I saw this in Target, at 7:01am on the 26th of December man… not funny.

I was there to return/exchange one of Becca’s santa presents… not to get overwhelmed!!

In happy news: Christmas has been removed from the inside of my house. My deadline is always by 12/30 so I can ring in New Year fresh and clean.

Speaking of fresh and clean, back to the laundry mountain range…

9 thoughts on “you’re ready for this, right?!”

  1. Now that’s just sick! New Years Eve hasn’t even happened yet. I hate marketing at the retail level. They have no taste at all when it comes to the holidays.

  2. Shudder. Valentine’s day stuff.

    We always waited until after January 6th – Epiphany. But I am tired of the stuff so I started putting my decorations away tonight. Will finish in the morning.

  3. Oh May that’s nothing, I was in Target the week of Christmas on the 21st and I think that must have been their official “switch over” day. I dropped in to grab a Christmas candle to grab as a gift for a friend I was meeting for lunch, went straight to the end cap where the Christmas stuff had been a few days ago only to see Valentine’s items instead. As I looked down the main aisle at the end caps I realized that all of them were boasting their Valentine’s items. UGH!! Christmas wasn’t even here and it was Valentine’s everywhere.

  4. I am not ready. I used to loathe Valentine’s Day, back when I was alone and never thought true love would happen for me. Now that I’m blissfully married to my sweetheart, Valentine’s Day is not loathsome, but it isn’t usually the big deal I expected it would be way back when. Cute, cute stuff this year, though. I’m tempted to make Valentines for all the people I love. Why not?

  5. I guess I am just accustomed to the early promotions. My husband is in wholesale candy, and my children have been in retail at various times. Wholesalers are promoting Easter right now, but these are booking orders for future delivery. I simply ignore the displays until I am ready for the next holiday. That said, I do think Christmas all year round.
    Happy New Year!

  6. With years in retail plus my design work in scrapbooking (where I see/work 6-9months ahead of season) I too am used to thinking and seeing it…

    But its different to me than seeing it on a consumer/end user level. Maybe I’m weird- but I separate the two. 🙂


  7. How funny! Well, I like the idea of putting away and moving on..but this year, way too busy…so it will be Christmas a bit longer by default. I’m just praying for very boring weather.

  8. Ugh! I was in our Target on the day after Christmas as well (buying Christmas clearance for next year), and when I saw the V-Day stuff out I just had to roll my eyes.

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