Photo batch 3: Persnickety Prints

They check out all your prints. They claim to do their best to maximize your images & give you best possible.

Well they did great by me, and as long as you’re ordering 100 prints (which for me, isn’t that hard to do!) the pricing is pretty fair for what you get. They shipped my orders the first business day they had it (even if post office held one ‘hostage’ for 8 days!!), and I was impressed with the sharpness, clarity, and color quality of my prints. Yes I ordered 2 batches from here about a week apart. Not one print did I say “oh, maybe I’ll go photoshop this a bit then re-print…”

(bad color on pic above – don’t blame printer!!) I also sent them my Disney photo CD prints – and unlike some places (Costco!!) I didn’t have issues with the edges being cut of or off center. Oh – and they take paypal (hooray)… so there’s a lot to love about Persnickety for me.

But here’s the rub: They don’t have a big variety of sizes, and if I’m ordering small batches the prices are way higher.

So where does that leave me? Well I’d recommend them highly, and I think they lived up to expectation and promise. I will also be a return customer. But I can’t be monogamous with them – they don’t have all I need and sometimes I only need maybe 50-75 prints.

Do you have favorite photo place(s) for printing? Who? Where? Why? Feel free to share!

6 thoughts on “Photo batch 3: Persnickety Prints”

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your reviews – thanks! And I just finished my first Zoe Archer book – loved it!!! Have a wonderful Christmas

  2. May,
    Can you please say what is printed on the back? I really want to find a photo printer that prints the file name on the back as the one that used to do my photos in New Zealand has stopped this feature. As I am doing Stacy Julian’s Library of Memories system photos are likely to be sitting for years before I get around to using them. My file name is the date and the event. This makes it easy to tell what was happening etc. I haven’t found a printer yet in NZ that does this so I am looking further afield. I saw that persnicketyprints have international postage that is reasonable so I would certainly give them a go if they print file names 🙂

  3. May – they do great sales where you can purchase ahead credits. I’ve been using them for my 12 by 12 digital pages and even full price for these they are cheaper than CostCo as long as I do several prints at a time. Plus CostCo machines can’t manage to print layouts with edges close to the edge – they randomly cut off edges of your layout and its not consistent. Persnickety have never done this. For digital 12 by 12 prints they are the best in my mind.

  4. Thanks for the heads up that they do sales! That helps tons!! 🙂

    Not many places are good at “to the edge” – I was impressed with what they did with the fancy borders I had on some of the Disney pics. Glad to hear someone else likes them!


  5. My name + the file name is printed on each photo. I am going to double check but I’m pretty sure all 3 places I used did this service. LOVE IT!!! My local place doesn’t, and often it frustrated me that I couldn’t remember which batch something went with.

  6. All these years I’ve been ordered from Snapfish or Shutterfly and finally reluctantly tried Costco (Fairfield) a few months ago after hearing friends rave. Well, I’ve had great luck with Costco- even better quality than I’ve been getting from the other two and for less money. I’m sure that which store you go to makes a big difference. My Vacaville friends don’t like it, while my Fairfield friends do. Thanks for your reviews- it’s good to hear about two other places I haven’t tried yet.

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