Thinking holidays

Things I’m doing right now:

  • Thinking about addressing Christmas cards I purchased last week/
  • Working on any/all ‘to ship’ Christmas gifts. Hoping to be done within the week so I am NOT at the post office after Thanksgiving.
  • Playing with holiday inspired crafting to share here on blog, decorate my home, for articles, etc.
  • Making a special “Santa spot” where stocking items and other gifts gather.

I was raised around crafters who by this time in the year had to have all their ‘craft fair’ goods done or largely done so the whole ‘getting ready early’ idea isn’t a new one or particularly original. When I was a young adult, living on my own November could be a depressing month. Not much to do, short days… I discovered the fun of writing up Christmas cards EARLY. Of jump starting shopping. Relieving a bit of the December pressures.

My outlook is this: Too many people stress, make it complicated, and otherwise freak the heck out over Christmas making it a stressful time instead of a joyful one. One way I avoid this is to start early and take care of things that are being mailed first. I do it in pieces even when it seems “so far away” so that by the time December 1 comes around I can decorate, enjoy, and RELAX during the holiday season.

Do you have to be organized? HECK NO!! I’m a total mess up in here. Horrible. But I am taking care of things I already know I need (or want) to do and can.

Does it all have to be homemade and fabulous? Um, no. I’ve already removed a bunch of “make ___” from my list. I like to come up with grand plans, then be ok with it if even 50% actually happens.

If you haven’t already, I suggest getting some holiday spirit going now. Then you too can be done early and enjoy sipping cocoa and reading a book while other people get frantic and lose sight of the beauty and magic December brings. If you have been busy, I’d love to know with what/how/what your traditions are.

Because truly? Getting my holiday gifting and cards lined up early has become a tradition for me. It’s one I love, and one that anyone can join in and do too.

I’ll be sure to share more – especially the crafty bits. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Thinking holidays”

  1. I’m with you-getting it done early allows me just to relax when December rolls around. I hate being out when everyone is stressed and driving like maniacs-rather just curl up with some Christmas music or a movie! I have a little extra incentive to finish up early though-my family all comes to my house and celebrates Thanksgiving, and then we do Christmas the next day. So, today I made Christmas cookies, and will finish wrapping the last few presents and putting the ornaments on the tree. I do leave the cards until after Thanksgiving though-too much else to do. 🙂 By the way, I just purchased your holiday recipe class from BPS-can’t wait to dig in-after December 1st that is! 🙂

  2. I was so excited to see your class was today’s Deep Discount at Big Picture Classes! I just purchased it and can’t wait to use it!

    I like to be prepared but I force myself not to do too much in November. I like to really enjoy Thanksgiving and family. Then I give myself the first week in December to be crazy before settling down into Christmas relaxation:)

  3. Looking forward to seeing what gifts you make.
    I’ve started making things, but there’s still a whole load more to go. Sometimes I think I like the glow and excitement of planning more than getting it all done.

    ** Kate **

  4. The last of my gifts were ordered last night. Christmas cards are addressed with stamps on them waiting to be mailed. Packages to be shipped will be boxed next week. Grocery lists for Christmas cookies and dinner are already written. I only have wrapping presents left to do on my list. In no way can I have last minute pressures, so I start in August and by Christmas time I can enjoy the entire season. Yay!

  5. Thanks for today’s blog post, May – it was a great reminder to get my overseas cards addressed as they’re due to be posted (under the economy rate) on Monday and I’d kinda forgotten this until I read your words.

  6. Every year I make my parents a 12×12 calendar. Usually it isn’t finished until the last second, but this year I only have 2 pages to go. I also have 2 albums for other family members which are in various states of disaray. My december daily ablum is ready for my pictures journaling and misc embellishments. I have some shopping done SIGH, and my ingredients purchased for the cookies which take about 4 days in December. My December calendar is filled with one crop, school events, caroling, a cookies swap, Christmas Village, Christmas lights, and family get togethers. Can’t wait!!

  7. I am hoping that now that I am in my 60’s I can accept the fact that I cannot do everything I imagine for the Christmas season. This year if there is not a handmade gift for everyone, so what! It does not matter if I do not make 20 dozen cookies. I am going to enjoy the season and have fun. I shall make pepparkakor cookies because we get together with our children and grandchildren to decorate them. Pepparkakor is a Swedish spice cookie which traditionally has only an outline piping of white icing. Our grandchildren have a great time over decorating and eating the icing. I hope everyone of you take time to enjoy this season whatever holiday it is you celebrate. I wish you Peace, Joy and Love.

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