just a peek.

Working on some new projects to share. Working on articles. A few new classes. Some guest blogging. More fun to share…

and I’m loving it. After 2+ weeks gone, MY LAPTOP IS BACK, it’s got all it’s programs re-installed (I think) and all is well. I’m getting back into my zone. Holiday goodness, tips, ideas, videos, and so much more to come. Stay tuned.

Keep it classy.

5 thoughts on “just a peek.”

  1. Hey May – Looking forward to all the glitz and fun and inspiration, too.
    Know you have to be feeling better now that you have your friend and co-worker back. Here’s to a productive and colorful week!!

  2. I see a configuration box…I’m working on one too…finished painting and papering (gold, white, green and red with patterned gold foil)…working on layout and embellies and thinking of adding shine, snow, and crystals around some tiny glass filagree ornaments hanging from each box…decisions decisions!

  3. Question – where did you get your star charm? I’ve been looking all over this year, and I can’t find metal Chirstmas charms. This is the first year I’ve had this problem. Thanks!!

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