Girls’ Paperie: christmas cupcake

The Girls’ Paperie is releasing a Christmas line, and when I saw it I nearly cried. It’s SO PERFECT!!! I love each and every single piece. So, I wanted to make a paper cupcake with this line, but I’ve yet to figure out HOW – and make it work. If I am ever successful, I’ll let you know. So far my attempts are so NOT like my mental vision. But I tell you what did work out…

I took a mini-muffin tin and decorated it. I can not WAIT to be able to hang this on my wall for Christmas! A Fiskars drill (operated by hand – no batteries or cords required) drilled holes for my ribbon hanger. Then I used some circles of patterned paper, a whole lot of PPA by USArt Quest (my liquid sealant/adhesive/all around kick ass go-to medium for stuff like this), and had fun…

This would be SO EASY for you to recreate. Honestly you can’t go wrong. I used stamps + staz-on ink to decorate the tin itself, then more PPA and stickers and glitter…

This line of product is pure Christmas MAGIC I tell you – and I want more to play with and enjoy right away. I also want to start decorating for Christmas because I want to do more projects like this. *LOVE* it.

The vintage + classic colors + warm and fuzzies that I get just being near this line all have me wanting more!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my week of projects – these are all at CHA (Craft & Hobby trade show in Chicago) right now, I can’t wait for them to come back home to me. I’m sure they’re having fun living it up in the Girls’ Paperie booth though. I would be!

14 thoughts on “Girls’ Paperie: christmas cupcake”

  1. I have one of those tins in my project tote – it’s such a sweet idea!
    Is that PPA stuff easier to use than ModgePodge? Personally, I don’t mess with the stuff, it has ruined plenty of cool projects, imo.
    Keep ’em coming, May. I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas, either!

  2. Well, making these kinds of projects is both easy and insanely hard… so it’s difficult to say. I don’t use modgepodge because PPA does way more to the point that it’s really no contest. It adheres, seals, etc…

    As far as ruined projects, I have my fair share but it’s MY fault. Too much liquid, over-working paper, being in a rush… when a project goes south it’s almost always my own doing. So I guess I’d say yes – I like PPA it’s never ruined something of mine. 🙂

  3. You are getting me all twitterpated to see their new lines!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this tin project!! – pennyscraps

  4. The muffin tin is gorgeous – and a great idea for lots of seasonal decorating. I’m imagining spring, easter (comes at a different time of year for us here in NZ), summer…. in fact a whole heap of variations! Thanks for sharing the idea, May!

  5. very cool and unique. I think I may have to recreate this. You are very creative and talented.
    Thanks for sharing.\
    Leslee in MT

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