Throwdown: Tape Runners

During my lifelong love of crafting I have tried most adhesives out there, and have had my heart broken more than once with formula changes or things being discontinued. I went a few years without a clear favorite until I discovered the perfect tape runner. 

Since that first day in Madison, WI at Fiskars HQ I used the Fiskars tape runner as my exclusive dry adhesive choice. Where I went, it followed. Of course I was working with Fiskars until last December and they supplied me with these beauties, but I wouldn’t have kept on using them if they weren’t the best – I *LOVE* those tape runners! Now that I’m a single (not working for any manufacturer) lady, I need to consider my options. Not only is Fiskars tape runner hard to find, but it’s expensive. Most stores sell it for $7-8, though I have seen it on-line as cheap as 6.50.

So first I tried American Crafts this to that adhesives. I really like the dot one, but didn’t like the solid one. That made a gooey mess. I am not gifted with that style of adhesive I guess. While I liked the dots, I missed the tape experience.

I was going to try another kind when I noticed that the scrapbook adhesives E-Z runner looks awfully similar to my Fiskars one. So I e-mailed a cool girl I know over there and asked about it. She confirmed it was similar and said she’d send me some to try…

Now here’s something that is 100% my speculation: I belive the same factory/company has to be producing these for both Fiskars and Scrapbook Adhesives. After all mfgs source where they get things and companies who produce stuff (like adhesive) will sell to more than one buyer. I make this guess because they are IDENTICAL down to every single line or piece of plastic inside not to mention the fact that they are both labeled “Made in Denmark”. If it’s the same product, as I believe it is there is a very clear winner when we consider price, value, and color: Scrapbook Adhesives.

You can see above that what you’re looking at is loads of teeny tiny strips of dry adhesive. This tape runner can curve, you can attach thin things, and I have been very happy with it (the Fiskars one) for years.

I am changing my adhesive ‘must’ to the Scrapbook Adhesives runner. Don’t get me wrong the Fiskars one is still there and fantastic as ever – but ladies this red one? It’s 5 feet longer and CHEAPER. Why would you pay more for less of the same thing?

You can find the red Scrapbook Adhesives tape runner everywhere. They even come as a discounted six-pack (5.81/each is cost) at stores like Heck- I am pretty sure I’ve seen this tape runner at my local craft store! So it’s widely available and at a good price, is my point.

It’s the new sheriff in my scrapbook town.

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  1. I use Duck brand adhesive rollers…because they are CHEAP and do the same “tiny strips” thing. Plus, you can get them in packs of 4 at JoAnn…and use a coupon. 🙂 Which means you get 4 for roughly $7 and so many cents. Haven’t tried the Scrapbook Adhesives stuff, yet. Hmm…

  2. Thanks so much for this post…I’ve been looking all over for a “sub” to Fiskars..since I can’t find them anywhere!! They were/are my favorite.

    I’ve recently tried the Glue Glider Pro..and although I want to love it sooo bad…it gets so hard to use….it was actually making my wrist hurt trying to use it.

    I’ve seen scrapbook adhesives at Hobby Lobby..but with the price being so much cheaper I was skeptical as to how they would hold. Thanks so much. I’m so excited. Hopefully next week HL will have a 40% off coupon and I’ll stock up 🙂 Thanks again May!! 🙂

  3. I’ve always used tombo tape runner simply because my scrapbooking club buys the refills in bulk which makes the price cheaper, but I will have to give this one a try–curious

  4. I’m with ya, May! These two runners are very similar. I tend to think the EZ runner tape is thinner. Which makes no difference to me. I am in a unique situation that my company works with Fiskars so I can get the runners at cost. It is my exclusive choice. But should that perk change I would definately stick with the EZ runner. Funny that no one talks about adhesives when it’s used on every stinkin’ page, card, papercraft we create. Thanks for the post!

  5. Yep I totally agree and I have been using the Scrapbook Adhesive Brand runners for awhile myself!!

  6. I did every possible measurement and examination – they’re literally the same. So I’d definitely recommend either – whichever you can get at better value! For most people Scrapbook Adhesives is probably cheaper.

    It is funny that we don’t talk adhesive more- I’ll have to make a point to do so!


  7. Thanks for sharing your experience and opinion. I appreciate your viewpoint. I started using the S. A. E-Z runner because of cost and availability, when my grandaughter started scrapbooking with me. I still use Herma Dotto for remmovable adhesive, and sometimes their permanent squares. But the S. A. product handles easier, and of course is better for odd shapes. Nice to know someone who works with the products thinks it’s a good one.

  8. I also love this adhesive!! You have confirmed what i always thought.. that it and Fiskars are the same! My only ‘gripe’ is I wish it was refillable. I hate throwing it away..seems wasteful to me, but I do love this adhesive!


  9. This is my next fav also to the Fiskars one…and for the exact 2 reasons you list here! (hard to find and expensive!) GREAT find!

  10. I’m in love with my ATG. Yes, it’s big and bulky and not very pretty but boy does it stick!

  11. The red EZ runner is my go-to adhesive too. But I’m glad to know the Fiskars is good too, as I picked up a couple of those babies on clearance ($2 each) and thought I’d take them on crops with me.

  12. I love Scrapbook Adhesives but the one I buy is the one in the cardstock with the little blade to cut. I try to recycle so not too many plastic but the one from the pro glider and I think I am buying an atg gun because the refills i hear are cheaper.

  13. This is good to know! I haven’t asked Stephenie about it yet but I noticed the other day that the Fiskars adhesive isn’t in the catalog or on the website anymore. I was dreading having to find a replacement for the Fiskars runner if they had discontinued it!

  14. I’ve never used either Fiskars or SA so have a question: is the tape clear or white? I’d say my primary dry tape runner is CM, although I’m disappointed they discontinued the thin one (that was a very handy product!). I’ve never done a price comparison, so don’t know how it compares to others; I do know there’s lots on a roll so I don’t feel like I’m changing tape runners every day. And – big plus for me – it has a refillable cartridge; shame on SA and Fiskars for all that disposable plastic!
    The big drawback with CM is it’s a white tape (skinny strips like SA), so if I want a clear adhesive for under sheers I use various others, depending on what I can find: UHU glue roller (dots, refillable, comes in repositionable too), or K&Co refillable. UHU is sold in Staples much cheaper than Michael’s. I like Duck but we can’t buy it in Canada – also the cartridges aren’t refillable.

  15. I also use the Scrapbook Adhesives brand, and I love it. If you have a Hobby Lobby near you, keep an eye on their sales ads for when their adhesives go on sale… sometimes they will be on sale for 40% or 50% off, I usually by at least ten when they go on sale. Which tides me over for a bit! Have a great day!

  16. I switched to the scrapbook adhesives EZ-Runner after using a Creative Memories tape runner for years. I LOVE the EZ-Runner! I’m so glad I made the switch.

  17. i’ve shared your exact speculation since i first tried the fiskars one, and then noticed my old boss always used the scrapbook adhesive one. totally love those tape runners, and i agree… you can find the scrapbook adhesive ones nearly everywhere and usually for a really good price. :]

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