3.11 book round up:

Upside of being sick + having 2 sick kids for nearly a week? I got reading time like I haven’t had in months. I just went to put a few of the books away and thought I’d take a pic + throw a blog post together real quick with 2 sentence reviews. Here we go, top to bottom.

1. Something about you has gotten rave reviews from some book blogs, and yeah it was funny and really well done but I just didn’t care what happened to the ‘beautiful and perfect’ looking people in the story. I like to care.

2. Sweetheart’s knitting club gets my award for most amazingly AWFUL book in a long time. SO NOT what I was expecting, and really some stuff that made me roll eyes, gag, or even laugh and not in a way author meant for me to.

3. Bliss Factor – no idea where/when/how I got this one but it was entertaining. He’s an FBI agent with amnesia who thinks he belongs in medieval times, she’s a pretty cool accountant.

4. Waking up in the land of glitter is probably the most memorable of the bunch. You can read my full review at Scrapbook Update – and it’s WAY more than 2 sentences.

Overall? I want to read some rockin’ mysteries now. Enough with the love stuff for now. (just for now – I’ll be back to romances soon enough I imagine) Have you read something great? I’d love to hear about it!!

2 thoughts on “3.11 book round up:”

  1. I LOVE Rochelle Krich’s mysteries, especially the Molly Blume series. Such juicy, interesting mysteries and the characters are great!

  2. Not really a mystery, but Kate Atkinson’s “Behind the Scenes at the Museum” is a really great read!

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