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Nancy Nally (editor/owner www.scrapbookupdate.com) was comparing digital masks to being kind of like a die cut machine. Put your paper (or photo) in, and out it comes shaped like whatever image you chose. I think that’s a great paper comparison, but to show you even more here’s some examples of masking in action:

Digital masks = awesomeness. I’ve fallen in love with how easy it is to make totally customized and awesome looking stuff. They’re pretty easy too. Just open the desired mask and the image you want to ‘clip’ to it in PSE (or full photoshop).

Then drag the paper (or photo) over the mask and hit ctrl + g . This one shown is by Katie Pertiet.

Bam! That one click and whatever you had covering the mask is now clipped to it. It blows my mind every time in the best ways. LOVE it!

If you’re in my Hybrid class right now and thinking you’d like more detail, you’ll get it and soon! Tomorrow is frames, brushes, and overlays in class so you’ll get loads of info.

I’ve got one more thing I want to share – it’s my favorite right now. Open up a .png file, any file! Ok, well it’d work best with something that’s text or some kind of design/shape you can envision wanting to clip a paper or design to. I’m going to use an Ali Edwards family circle accent and a Lynn Grieveson stamp…

I’ve done this with some title brush/stamps, letters, frames… it’s just FUN. Follow the same steps of putting the image over the thing you want masked, ctrl + G, and…


I’ll be back to share some actual examples. I’ve been taking care of 3 of us sick girls (while daddy has been at Spring training in AZ) and to say nothing has been getting done here would be an understatement. We’re recovering for sure.

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