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I am pretty hardcore about my love of traditional scrapbooking. While I understand it works for some people, purely digital scrapbooking holds zero appeal to me. I want paint on my fingers, to actually create and cut and mess up and not have the ‘undo’ option. I want my hands doing more than clicking keys and a mouse. Of course, I also want my work to have all the benefits that digital has to offer. What’s a paper girl to do? I started hybrid scrapbooking.

I don’t use my computer for every layout, nor do I ever want to. For me, it’s more of an occasional thing as desired. I won’t lie – when I first started trying PSE and all that I was overwhelmed. I nearly quit a bunch of times. There wasn’t anyone teaching how to do ‘easiest ways’ to get the digital stuff in and print for your paper projects. But I kept on going & trying and eventually I got to know enough to do the things I wanted to do. I have people like Katie Pertiet and Tia Bennett to thank for my not quitting. Those digi goddesses answered questions and encouraged me.

Then one day, I figured out that I didn’t have to do everything the “right” way. That I could TOTALLY use Microsoft Word for more than 50% of what I was up to. That if I found faster ways to work in Photoshop that was ok. The digital police wouldn’t actually come bang on my door. Heck – I could just ‘auto correct’ my photos if I was in a hurry and it worked. I didn’t have to know all the tricks or understand every in and out of Photoshop… I could rebel. I could just do it my own way that worked for me and got me back off the computer and into my papers and ribbons fast as possible.

Over the last few years I’ve become really comfortable with what I do (digitally). I co-wrote the book on hybrid scrapbooking with Audrey Neal (Paper + Pixels: Scrapbook Layouts) and now I’ve got a class starting up at Big Picture on February 25th that will bring you into my hybrid world.

I’ve designed my Big Picture Hybrid Scrapbooking class to be really flexible to your needs – you just need a computer, printer, and Microsoft Word OR Photoshop Elements. Heck – if you  have PSE you can just send your stuff to be printed at a local printer then you don’t even need a home printer. Sometimes we’ll customize stuff, sometimes we’ll layer. Other times we’ll just straight print and get back to the paper and real stuff.

What will you do in class? Well that’s really up to you. I refuse to have solid “CUT ___ then attach ___ to ___” assignments. I believe we’re each at our own place and I try my very best to encourage, inspire, and enable you to take my ideas and lessons and apply them to your own scrapbooking needs. I do give some prompts and focus in class, but it’s very open to interpretation. This class is a celebration of hybrid scrapbooking – and I hope you’ll join me if it appeals to you. All of the info + registration is here:

Heck – you can even come to class without digital supplies. I’ve got an exclusive class download each week that is yours to use & keep. I have to give HUGE thank yous to:

  • Cathy Zielske     
  • Elle’s Studio LLC
  • Jodie McNally
  • Katie Pertiet
  • Lynn Grieveson
  • Sande Krieger 
  •  Their contributions are hugely appreciated – and I feel grateful that they lent their talent and support to class.

    If you have questions I encourage you to e-mail me or leave it in a comment right here. I welcome all the questions you might have – and once you sign up there is a pre-class handout and presentation to help get you ready to start.

    It’s going to be BIG fun.

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    1. I have already signed up for your class, but reading your post has got me very excited to begin! Your take on hybrid really describes where I am. Looking forward to the first day of class.

    2. waiting…waiting…waiting… Pretty excited to start another class with you! Today is the last day of school before a FOUR day weekend for us! Guess what I’ll be doing??? Enjoy your day 🙂 ME

    3. I just made my very first hybrid project. I found a free download for pirate valentines and was actually able to download it and print it. For a super non-techy girl like me this is huge. It’s OK to laugh, I’m comfortable with where I am in the learning curve.

      My husband bought me your book on-line and I’ve read through it a few times. It scares me. I hope this class is OK for a scaredy-cat like me.

    4. I´m so looking forward to this class. I´m using Photoshop CS4 (I´m kind of a geek…), but don´t know that much about it yet. I´ve only used it for editing computer rendered images when working as an Interior Architect, and scrapbooking just needs different tools 🙂

      I keep buying digi papers, because there are so many great ones! I´m also doing a class on another site, learning to use my Bamboo. I was going to scrap all day long, but I´ve ended up spending 6 hours designing digital elements that I don´t even think i´ll be able to use in my traditional scrapbooking… At least I´m learning more Photoshop!


    5. I’ve recently bought Paper and Pixels and was excited to find that things I had dismissed because they needed PSE were possible in Word. Will it be worth signing up for the class with absolutely no access to PSE and is it at the right level for someone who has only ever printed off a few journalling blocks and titles?

      ** Kate **

    6. There will be times where I say “if you have word you can’t do ___, but you could do ___ or ___”. When we get to abr brushes and masks those are elements that simply don’t function in word.


      There is so much you can do with it, and work around limitations and such that YES. You definitely could do class without PSE. Just know as weeks progress the presentations become heavier on PSE how-to simply because there’s more to know there. I usually try to put in a “if you’re working in word I suggest ___ to get close to what we’re doing here”.

      Hope that makes sense!


    7. Hi Therese-

      Well first off I’m proud of you!! Becoming comfortable with basics is the way to go. And just so you know – there are no “rules” of how techie or advanced you have to get in my class. It’s whatever works for you, whatever you’re happy with.

      I think class will be good for those who haven’t done much because I do walk you through process and talk about it via presentations that are like lectures with visual aids. (it’s audio + powerpoint – very cool) Plus you’ll have e-mail and message board access to me and all the other students so it’s going to be supportive, fun, and so wonderful. 🙂

    8. I am terrified of anything that even suggests “digital” but I really LOOOOVE the effects of those frame thingies on a photo … I soooo want to learn how to do this WITHOUT pulling my hair out (well, if I could JUST grab the greys that would be okay but I would SO NOT look cool bald …) …

      Anyway, I’m going to sign up for your class and hope you can do something with this techno-phobe “wannabe digi queen” …


      Love, Tracy G

    9. Can I tell you a secret?

      It’s literally 3 steps and can be done in word. Frames are maybe one of the easiest things to add to a photo!!! 🙂

      It’s the fear of unknown – I totally, totally get that. Just remember that you can take small steps – don’t try to rule the digi world in one day. 🙂

    10. I’m very interested in this class, but will be away for 10 days the end of March. Will it be possible to “catch up” when I get back? I’ll have my computer with me, but no scrapping supplies. Thanks.

    11. The way class works every Thursday new material will go up. At the end of the six weeks you’ll have the completed class – and access to all the information on BPS site forever! 🙂

      So to answer your question- absolutely. I set a very flexible & customizable set of goals, so you can actually combine assignments and weeks as needed. You can work at your own pace and there will be no tests or “must do __ by __ ” either.

      It’s going to be big fun!


    12. Hi May,
      I am super excited about this class. Thanks for designing a hybrid class. I have been curious about what hybrid means and wanted to try it out as I thought my digital lay outs (I just got into digital 6 months ago after doing paper scrapbooking for over 12 years.) were somehow lacking. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love digital, but I want to use those rhinestones and glitter and butterflies from my collection and I simply can’t stop buying new embellishments! So, hybrid, here I come!

    13. Whoo Hoo! I’m a fan of Jodie!!!
      I’m very interested in doing some hybrid!
      Creating in the digital world, lately I have been itching to play with all my old paper supplies and rubber stamps again. I could use a little inspiration to get me going!

    14. May, I am so pleased that you are doing this. I was a paper only scrapper and then a digital only scrapper. For some reason, I am unaware of, I have been hesitant to try hybrid scrapping. I love it when I see it. I love the textures and dimension but don’t feel I have the confidence to attempt it. I have signed up for your class and look forward to jumping over this hurdle. Thank you.

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