New + Old = Love

Here’s an old love. I bought this USMC sweatshirt with allowance when I was 14 years old. I was on vacation at my Aunt & Uncle’s place (on USMC base) and I really liked it. I loved going back home and having it as my reminder of the vacation and my beloved family. It’s now holey and stained – heck it’s seen me through 16 years, painting houses, pregnancies, untold amounts of crafting, and much more.  Paired with my fave owl PJ pants shown here from the other day…

A new love? Making Valentines with digital supplies. Of course I love hybrid scrapbooking, but I also love taking those supplies and doing more with them…

I wrote up an article for scrapbook update –

5 thoughts on “New + Old = Love”

  1. Those pj pants are too cute! And I love that you’ve had that sweatshirt for so long! Love your Valentine’s goodies too

  2. How do you do that? My sweatshirts all get worn out so fast. . . I only have one that belonged to a friend who was a LAPD and I am not allowed to wear it out into the the world so it seems to have last the longest!

    Your Valentines rock by the way thanks for sharing them!

  3. Cute pants and kudos to you for being able to fit in something that you bought when you were 14! Amazing! Also amazing valentines. Beautiful!

    Great idea with the new/old! I get so stuck in scrapping in order that I need reminders like yours to do a fun, story layout. Thanks!

  4. Love it May! I have a few old faithfuls too … although my BFF says I can’t wear them out of the house ever … heehee.

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