Bakerella: inspiration and calories.

I’m always inspired by the things Bakerella comes up with, and always lust after the cake-y goodness too. After all – I’m not allowed that caloric goodness very often. Her attention to detail makes my creative heart sooo happy. Last night her post made me smile and was so timely I had to share –

Are you ready for some football? 

I told Jason I’ m happy either way. I mean – these are the two best symbols in the NFL – and two teams I’m totally down with too.

photo credit of course Bakerella & post is here:

3 thoughts on “Bakerella: inspiration and calories.”

  1. Great pic – of course coming from the land down under I have no idea what the teams are …. I’m guessing it’s Superbowl??

  2. How cool! Thanks for sharing. Our party is going to be super small today. Just the three of us due to being snowed in and not a plow in sight. Thanks for the smile! Go Saints!

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