some cuteness + digital masks

Photo masks & frames are straight up fun.

Especially when you have cute models wearing new skirts from Target. Lil B, by the way, is really into putting her hands on her face when you try to take her picture. It’s a phase, and I’ll capture it until she moves onto something else. ūüôā

Most of my masks come from Katie Pertiet (the two above) or Rhonna¬†Farrer¬†(below). They’re digi¬†goddesses that rock my world. Hey – they design it, and it’s easy to use. what’s not to love about that? Ok so it still freaks my bean that I can just hit a button and my photo will mesh with the decorative mask… I mean… it’s so COOL!

I also used an overlay from Jen Allyson on the above photo. One of my goals in 2010 is to take more “whole body standing” shots. I want to capture even more of the girls and get the full picture.

This weekend should be full of rainy day picture opportunities, fun, and of course Superbowl food. I’ll catch back up here on Monday morning with a new post and more fun…

4 thoughts on “some cuteness + digital masks”

  1. Gorgeous photos and very cool masks. Do you print the pics to use on a paper page or use them digi or both??

  2. love the use of those masks….some day I want to learn to use my photoshop so that I can use masks too…..When I grow up, I wanna be just like you! LOL…. My DGS does that with his hands too when ever you tell him to smile….it just makes me giggle….

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