Kickin’ it fancy.

I was asked to NOT touch E’s special Fancy Nancy paper (that she got at a party) no matter what. So I didn’t. Then yesterday “Mom, why haven’t you wrapped me a present with it? You must have just ONE more present for me that you can wrap, right?”

I did, in fact. Inside this lovely package is a book all about snakes. Yes, my fancy little glitter, sparkle, and all things princess loving girl also adores snakes, trucks, bugs, etc. Love that about her. So as I looked around the studio for ribbon I thought “well it’s fancy Nancy paper, maybe I ought to make up something wild for this…”

Folded paper backing a chipboard star that had been painted and then star glittered within an inch of it’s life. Lots of layers of crepe paper, an E, of course and can’t forget the glitter tree + RED (of course) topper heart. I just made a big non-bow for the center. I like the finished effect and am noting to make big ‘non-bows’ next year for sure.

The look on her face when I came out (oh, about 40minutes later) was worth all the hot glue burns and such. She has declared it to be the fanciest present under the tree, and with that we’re ready for Christmas.

Hope yours is Merry & Bright.

7 thoughts on “Kickin’ it fancy.”

  1. Love the wrapping. My aunt used to make non bows when we were growing up. A doily with some plastic flowers and tinsel, etc. Very crafty and so lovely.

    I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

  2. I can see where Miss E would consider that present special. Love the idea of non-bows – perhaps an easing-out-of-Christmas project before I forget!

    I hope your Christmas was everything you hoped it woud be!

  3. I love it — as we are “Fancy Nancy” girls, too. Wonder where the FN paper is located?

  4. We got it at a Borders books event last year – but I think I’ve seen it for sale someplace too…

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