Holiday season + kids books

My girls love it when an envelope from Harper Collins shows up, and this time we were all surprised by the FABULOUS content…

13 Words by Lemony Snicket

I LOVED this book, and I love reading and re-reading it too. It’s about a bird (who’s a bit despondent) and his friends. There’s cake. A Haberdashery owned by a baby. Painting ladders. More cake. What I really like about this one is the funky illustrations combined with the unusual storytelling. I had Elizabeth focus on each key word (and the #) as it was introduced as the story went along. I’d strongly recommend this one as a fun pick for boys or girls- I’d say ages 5 – 8 or so would enjoy it the very most.

As I’ve said before, we are Nancy fans big time. This was another fabulous addition to both our collection and the series. In this book Nancy sets out to earn money by selling some of her clothes and accessories in order to make enough money to buy a fan that she wants. Her little sister really wants one of her necklaces that she is selling (and it’s her birthday coming up) so Nancy has to choose… make her sister happy, or make herself happy with a new fan?

I love both the stories and the illustrations in these books, and that they can be read in any order you please. All of the interesting detail ensures that we notice some new image every time we read it. My girls have loved this so much – I purchased two copies of the Fabulous Fashion Boutique already to give this holiday season – if the reaction my girls have had to it are any indication it’s going to be a huge hit. I’ve seen it at Target, and of course it’s available at and many other stores I’d imagine.

I expect for the next month or so Splendiferous Christmas to be the #1 asked for book to be read. Though they like to read that Fancy Nancy title year round so who knows. Last Christmas I did a post about decorating packages “Fancy Nancy” style, and you can imagine I’ll be doing more. Here’s the link, and here’s the package I did up last year:

The girls and I are ready to kick up this holiday season Fancy Nancy style… I’ll be sure to share our results!

4 thoughts on “Holiday season + kids books”

  1. My daughter loves Fancy Nancy, the first time she saw the new book she shriek very loudly with excitement. We have the whole series and even met the illustrator at a book event at Borders once. I love that paper, I’ll have to look for some or maybe make my own if I can find some stickers.

  2. Very cool post. I adore Lemony Snicket, especially when he writes for adults (that’s not knocking his kids’ books though!). The Basic Eight is one of my favorite books now. Read it if you haven’t!

  3. My daughter just turned 3 and LOVES Fancy Nancy. Her uncle just bought her two of the books, and now they MUST be read before bed and by anyone who enters the house. Wish we could afford the whole sha-bang set, but I will have to settle for constantly combing the library and half-price books. Will have to try Pinkalicious and Lemony Snicket 🙂

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