Christmas gifts: Books

Shopping for the perfect gifts takes a lot of time and energy. This year I’m LOVING the trend I already see emerging where bloggers share ideas in posts. How great is that? Like sharing with your friends without ever leaving home. Today I present my part 1: books. Now if you know me at all you’ll know I’m a bookworm. So much so, I’m going to add a tab to my blog just about my favorite/most recommended reads. But that’s something for another day. Today I want to suggest some books I have purchased for people on my holiday list:

Perfect for the fancy little girl in your life: I gave this to Miss E as a pre-Christmas gift. It’s really, really popular here in 4-year-old land. So are all her books. (Target has a whole Fancy Nancy section!)


Or for the older girl in your life, another Nancy- Nancy Drew. CLASSIC.

n drew

This is a fantastic cookbook – I’m giving one away to a cook in my life who doesn’t know about Ree & her blog or site. I bet she’ll love it much as I do.


The Twits was always a favorite of mine, but you really can’t go wrong. Charlie and the chocolate factory, The Witches, James and the Giant Peach, Matilda… I’m talking Roald Dahl here and for any school aged kid – boy or girl – these are classic must-reads.


and last but not least, for the mushy romantic in your life I suggest some Nora Roberts. Darn her – she got me all choked up once again by the time I was nearing the end of this one. She sure does suck a girl into feeling like the characters are real and friends to boot. I’m loving her Bride Quartet series (this is book #2) about four best friends who run a wedding business… and are falling in loooovvvvveeee one at a time. (sigh) You’d think it would be over the top – but so far it’s so not. Best of all the book is PRETTY. No trashy cover  here – no a lovely cover, beautiful deckle edged pages and even a scallop border on the inset. A good giftable romance if I ever saw one.

If you have your own book suggestions for gifts – please do share here!

5 thoughts on “Christmas gifts: Books”

  1. Lots of good books there ! I don’t think I’ve read that Nora Roberts yet. I’ve got Black Hills here now and it’s due back to the library.

    And you have Ree’s book ! That would make a great gift for almost anyone !

  2. I love cookbooks! I’ve heard about this new cookbook and several friends have tried her recipes and love them.

  3. May, I’m a bookworm too. So much so that my husband has banned me from ANY bookshop until I’ve finished the 20 odd books that have yet to be read !! Might have to try the Fancy Nancy for my 4 year old. A fav of hers and her sister is “The Kiss that Missed” by David Melling. The illustrations are just gorgeous. I haven’t heard of that cookbook but will have to check it out. I just LOVE the Barefoot Contessa cookbooks – her latest one out is on it’s way to me !!! For feel good “chick books” (as I call them) you must try Jill Mansell, Shelia O’Flanagan and Cathy Kelly. Have yet to start the new Nora series but they’re on the list. I’ve got the new Diana Gabaldon book to start and can’t wait. I got this and then got banned ! – good timing I thought….

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