Would you like my yearbook?

This is Yearbook, the October kit from Studio Calico. I use this in week #6 of my Big Picture Scrapbooking class (get info + sign up here) and it was a fun kit to play with. Those envelopes + woodgrain alphas = my favorite parts. I’m currently a subscriber to Studio Calico, and because of that I ended up with 2 of these kits.


How? Well they sent me the kit (way early) so I could get it used in my class… but then about a month later my subscriber kit that I buy each month showed up. Huh. Whatever should I do with this kit that I wound up with two of? I’ve been thinking about it and I could take it apart and use the pieces… or…

{do you know what I’m going to say?}

I could gift it to one of you!

Yes that’s right, I’d like one of you to have it. Just leave a comment here and tell me something you like about kits. If you’re already signed up in my class please do tell me what you’re liking about that too! (if not – that’s ok too!!)

Good luck, and happy crafting!

120 thoughts on “Would you like my yearbook?”

  1. I really love the kits which come with instructions. This is becuase I like the unique and new things I learn by following the instructions and then adding my own twist. I also enjoy how fast I can complete pages when I use kits and then my sense of fulfillment and instant gratification from seeing them complete.

  2. I love kits if they show various ideas and if they coordinate. I belonged to one that looked like they threw in leftovers. I got out of it as soon as I could.
    I see that kit clus have improved greatly.
    They make it easy to do several pages quickly and know that the things you put on match.

  3. I like kits for a couple of reasons. One, they are a great way to see new product for those of us who don’t have local shopping. And two, all the items coordinate so you don’t end up missing the perfect little dodad to finish the project.

  4. Wow – that is a fabulous kit – full of scrappy goodness!! You are so generous May – I would be honored and thankful to share in your good fortune!

  5. My favorite thing about kits is how everything works together…much of the time in ways I could never have imagined myself. Would love to give your “extra” kit a home, May!!! For some reason, thought class was starting TODAY! Need to hop over to BPS and sign up 🙂

  6. I love kits because it helps me when I have limited scrap time. Everything is coordinated for me.
    I love your class because you have given me a great tool to help me put together my OWN kits! I have been able to use so much of my stash by putting together my own kits. Thanks for the prize. You are great!

  7. Amazing kit! My fav thing about kits is for the scrapper on the go (or coordinating challenged like myself) a well organized kit is what you need to create stunning pages to treasure for years to come. Not to mention all the fun you have by checking out all the papers, bits & baubles that are included!!!

  8. Love kits! Best way to scrap and save time. I got your RAK in the mail today and you were so generous! Thanks so much! Wish I could take your class!! I am sure it will be a blast!

  9. I overthink everything! Kits give me freedom to try new things that my engineer brain (matchy-matchy) wouldn’t try.

  10. I love kits that allow me to just grab a photo along with my tool tote & go to town. This is an adorable kit I would love to work with. All those yummy colors & goodies want to be mine! 🙂

  11. I love the colors in this kit! And those little envelopes with the scalloped flaps are just too cute!!

  12. It’s all the STUFF that I get 🙂 I think its the teacher in me-for example I can’t wait until July because that is when all the school supplies come out. I have been known to grab a chair in the gardening isle and drag it to the school supply isle and just sit and look (and sip my latte)…I generate the same “ahhh” with scrapbooking kits!

    May, I am enjoying your class because of your humor. It is much like mine and I am finding myself giggle as I learn-what could be better than that?!?!

  13. I love that kits have everything all coordinated for you already! I particularly like it when they have lots of different brands brought together. It makes that part super easy leaving me more time to actually create!

  14. wish i could be taking your class! as for kits, i love them because they take all the guesswork out of coordinating supplies. i love kits that mix manufacturers and lines so they coordinate but aren’t too matchy matchy. Studio Calico is FANTASTIC for that!!

  15. I keep hearing about Studio Calico kit and now I know why…love this kit ! my favorite part of this kit may be the kraft envelopes. I enjoy getting a little bit of everything to try and that way nothing is too matchy matchy 🙂

  16. What I love about kits is the time saving benefit for me. I can grab one and go to a crop or even at home grab it and get to scrapping. Everything is coordinated and there to get my layouts done from cardstock to alphas.
    I would so love to have a Studio Calico kit. Thanks for the chance.

  17. I love kits for quick scrapbooking. Colour co-ordinated products, embellies and alphas all in one exciting baggie.

  18. I love kits and this one is full of yummy stuff! They’re come with everything you need except the glue and normally you can make a lot of layouts with one kit. You are so generous with all your giveaways. Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. Wow! Now that is one yummy looking kit!

    The best part about kits for me is that everything is there – cardstock, paper, embellies! You pull it out and start working knowing that everything works together!

  20. I have never actually used a kit or even owned one before. I have wanted to try several, it just didn’t work out to get them.

    What I think I would love about the kits are
    1. Everything in the kit would work well together
    2. Might be a chance to try some new product or a new company
    3. From what I understand several also come with instructions on a new technique and I think that would be fun also.

  21. I like kits because the way everything works together. This particular one..I love the vibrant colors..the small envelopes…in brown! Too cute! I love the happy home stamp! I dont have the budget to join your class currently but will do so at the next available opportunity for sure. I love your work!!

  22. I like kits because the elements go together in some way. I also like that kits expose me to product that I wouldn’t have chosen on my own.

  23. I like kits because it takes the guesswork out of matching elements. Sometimes you just need to sit down with a box of supplies and create something. 🙂

  24. What I like about kits is:

    They limit my choices and whatever choices I do make are guaranteed to coordinate. Kits make me look much more talented and be more productive. They give me more time to craft because I’m not spending time going through everything I have trying to decide what to use.

  25. I love kits and have several-I’m enrolled in your class, and as all your classes, it’s great!!!

  26. I love this kit. I especially love the paper bag looking envelopes. Way too cute and what a fantastic idea. Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. I love the colours and just the guess work out of should I use this or not. I had a busy day yesterday (wasn’t around the computer) and hope to jump in the class today. Thanks, for the giveaway.

  28. I love kits because I get a bit of this, and a bit of that without having to commit to an entire product. I love trying out new things that I maybe never would have purchased. Having a kit forces me to work out of my lazy box, and encourages me to really be more creative.

  29. I love kits! I am a subscriber with a few of these kit clubs. I love how they hunt for new or unique products and paper that coordinate.
    I signed up for your class so I can get ideas on utilizing everything in the kits. I read week one handouts, etc and I am excited!

  30. So far, I’ve only read the handouts for the first week of class, and I’m looking forward to having some time to create….What I love about kits is that they pair things together that I often wouldn’t think of.

  31. WOW May you are so generous!!! The thing that I LOVE about kits is that all the stuff coordinates and the hard part of finding stuff that matches together has already been done for you!! I think if I was going to complete an entire mini album or something like that it would be GREAT to have a kit like this so all the embellishments went beautifully together.!!

  32. I love kits because the set up is already done for me, papers match, there’s a theme, etc. Kits help make things easier for projects like a mini album, etc. I am enjoying this class so far because I am using the kits that I made myself awhile back, and now adding to them. I’m definately excited to see what’s ahead in this class!

  33. I love kits because they have usually have the lastest and greatest products from different brands and many have came up with their exculsive stamps which I love love love.

  34. I have never joined a kit club because I haven’t been sure I’d want what they send. But I have noticed a larger variety now so maybe my time is coming. I am already signed up for your kit class because I thought it might help me decide, and because I loved what I was able to do in your Recipes class so I assumed this would be just as fun!

  35. Kits are wonderful! There is sooo much out there, and kits provide a way to obtain some pretty delicious goodies! Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. I like that you get papers that go together and embellies to use also. Often there are elements that I wouldn’t think to use together that work out great.

  37. I’ve never used a kit club, which is why I signed up for your class! 🙂 I think I like how everything is coordinated- that way I don’t have to think too hard!

  38. I like kit clubs that have a design team who does layouts with the kits. I love seeing that as inspiration on what you can do with the kits.

  39. I love this kit! The envelopes are my favorite part. I can imagine hidden journaling and mini mementos in them.

  40. My favorite thing about kits is that there is always a surprise!! I see how I want things to be when I preview a kit, but something happens once it hits the scrap table!!

    I am hoping to post my week 1 layout for your class by Sunday….I can’t decide on the pictures???


  41. oooh nice kit, love that kits are co-ordinated and you get lots of bits…..please pick me …and thank you

  42. I like kits because I like to mix product lines and I like them because many times there’s items that I would not normally buy but find that I love them so much I go out and buy more!

  43. I like that the contents coordinate with one another. I also like that it is fun to get mail that is not a bill!!

  44. I love kits that combine a variety of products from different lines .. they always seem to mix and match better than I could!

  45. I love kits because I challenge myself to make use of what is in that kit only (except for some misting here and there! =) I like how it introduces me to new lines that I have not used before and I love the theme of each kit! I love Studio Calico too. one of the best companies out there!

  46. Back here where I live theres no scrapbooking supplies to purchase (nothing at all), so all my SB shopping has to be done online or when I go to the USA on vacations (usually 2 times a year). So getting kits for me is the best way to get the latest and greatest!!! I love that everything is well coordinated and that the 3 kit clubs I belong to offer great websites and great inspiration that helps me put my pages together faster 😉 I just love kits, and these one looks awesome. thanks May for the great giveaway, and Im enjoying the class already, Im really trying to keep up with the challenges and hopefuly get to the next chat session..LOL


  47. May, I am loving your class. I’m about to add journalling to my 1st LO and get it posted. I like how your class covers the really fun aspects of the craft. You get a little philosophy mixed in there but it is an ACTION class. I think the BPS slow paced thoughtful ones are OK but I’m in this hobby to have a good time. I like kits with variety and I like it when the kits have suggested ways to put things together, too. Not that I always follow the ideas but sometimes when the handout shows a technique I’ve not used in a while, I do (or I use the idea when I’m feeling lazeee and mellow).

  48. kits: I love that people who know way more than me have already done all the co-ordinating for me & I love that you can look at the Gallery for inspiration & know that you have that paper in your stash!
    your class: well, I just like your sbing style so it follows that I am enjoying learning your creative process. I also love that I get to chat with you & others on the message board, about all the things we are doing in class & sbing in general

  49. I love that kits include supplies I can’t find locally, and sometimes exclusives. I wish I could articulate what I love about your class(es) May; despite the fact that I think my approach and style are very different from yours and I mostly scrap my grandsons (no little girls here), I continue to love, love, love each and every one of your lessons! To be sure, you bring something special to your classes; I feel very fortunate to be able to participate.

    (If you happen to draw my name for this kit please just quietly throw it back and draw another; I’ve already received mine in the mail. And I’m with you on those woodgrain alphas/envelopes.)

  50. What a wonderful prize. I love kits because they are filled with things I would not normally put together so it gets me to think outside my box.

  51. i love how it all works together which makes it easy to use or how you can put your own twist on it

  52. I like that everything is put together and it coordinates but I can make my own choices for design. That is a big time saver for me. I like the challenge of putting together things that I may not have picked out myself too.

  53. I like everything about kits. from getting a package of goodies in the mail that makes me feel like it’s my bd. to opening the packages and eyeing all the fun things to using al of it in layouts. I love how they are often items I never would have bought on my own and loved them. Always so well coordinated too. Love kits.

  54. Love the Kits! Everything goes with everything! No need to go and look for things to match for the old me.
    Love the envelope and the alphas in this kit!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. My fave thing about kits is that all of the coordinating work is done for me 🙂 I can just grab a sketch, grab a kit and start creating!

  56. I like kits because it has a little of stuff that you can make wonderful layouts – the woodgrain letters and the little brown envelopes are awesome with the bright yellow reds and greens of this kit

  57. I love kits because the broaden my horizon, I’ve only been scrapping since the start of this year, so anything that makes me look at different colours, product or styles is so exciting! I started the class today, feeling so inspired now to get cracking!

  58. I craaaave those Envelopes! I am a sucker for woodgrain too….so I can’t decide which ones i like more! I need it like….NOW.

  59. I like using kits, and they help me to focus in and get to scrapping. I’m excited about this class, I haven’t had a chance to get too far yet, but I can’t wait!

  60. I love kits because they put combinations of things together that I wouldn’t necessarily think of! They force me to get a little out of my comfort zone and really play! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  61. I have yet to experience the “wonderful world of kits!” but I sure would love to experience it!!! FUN FUN FUN!!! Thanks for always sharing such wonderful ideas!

  62. I love that it saves me time by having everything (or just about everything) needed to complete my LO. I spend way too much time trying to decide what to use! thanks for a chance to win.

  63. Kits fascinate me, because they’re so full of little goodies. They remind me of these boxes of sample products my mom used to get montly in the mail when I was a kid. I’ve never bought or used a kit from a Kit Club, because I’m afraid of spending so much money and not liking what I get. So I’ve signed up for your class, so I can learn about kits and how to use them!

  64. Kits push me out of my comfort zone. They make me try new things. and honestly? that is why i subscribe to only one. it also, really – saves me money. if it were not for the kit, i am not able to be stopped in the store, and i can’t limit myself. (and – and if picked… i have some Peppermint Bark COFFEE to send your way… well, i’d prob send it anyhow…so i’m just sayin… heheheh)

  65. I really like kits for coordinating everything in a way that I would not think to do. I also like the embellishment ideas.

  66. I like kits because I know that everything co-ordinates, so I can pick some photos to go with it and run off to a crop without too much thinking.
    I also love that there is usually something I would not normally buy in there, which makes you try something new, which I think is always a good thing.
    Thanks for the chance to win this fab kit.

  67. I love kits because I could literally spend hours standing in the scrapbook store trying to figure out what I want to put together. Kits have the major decision-making already done, simplifying the process and getting me to the fun part (putting the layout together) more quickly. Really enjoying the BPS class, inspired by what is already in the gallery.

  68. Kits are wasy to use and you can look at what the DT did to get ideas if you are stuck. Plus when you are done using them you always have yummy leftovers!!

  69. What a beautiful kit!
    I love how kits help me document memories quicker and more coordinated than if I would scrap unplanned.

  70. I love kits because everything coordinates and I don’t have to think too much. I’m currently enrolled in your BPS class and looking forward to using up some of my kits that I have bought over the years.

  71. I was just using a kit from SU the other day, and what I loved about it is the coordination. When I want to put together layouts quickly and not spend a lot of time searching for matching embellishments, I totally dig the kit option.

  72. I have only recently purchased a kit but what I like is that this kit challenged me to try something new and create a layout within a week of getting the kit. It was inspiring, fresh and unique from my usual scrappy style.


  73. What I like about kits is that you can just grab one & get started, or if the mood strikes you you can just take out pieces & use them however you want to.
    The envelopes in this kit are adorable!!

  74. I love kits for it expands my creativity. They have colors and product that I would not normally use. They always turn out to be my favorite pages!

  75. Hi May, I’m so glad that I found this class and thanks for getting back to me so quick. The kit looks great too!

  76. Oh my goodness, I see sooo many things i LOVE in this kit. Especially the little envelopes! One of the best kits I’ve seen in a long time.

  77. I love having a bunch of different products that are from a variety of companies put together in an interesting mix. Sometimes at the craft store I look at a line of paper and all of the embellies are right next to it, but I’d like to mix it up a bit so it’s not too matchy. Usually I go with what’s right there because I don’t have the time to hunt for other stuff. I also love the challenge of making myself only use the items for the kit to create something!

  78. What I love about kits is when I go to a crop – everything is there! All I need is my tool kit, pictures, grab the kit and I am ready to go!

  79. I would love to win this kit! I am loving your class because you have the greatest handouts! 🙂

  80. I love kits when I am going to a crop and have had no time to prepare. I still feel like I am able to accomplish something other than socializing. However, I have to admit that socializing is one big reason I crop! Thanks for sharing your stash.

  81. I LOve kits as everything I need is all together in one box and more often than not the kit includes papers and embellies I wouldnt give a second glance to but I feel it is a challenge to use it and leave my comfort zone

  82. As what I can see of this lit… the envelopes and woodgrain alphas would have to be my favorite as well. Thanks for this great RAK, May.

  83. I’m in the class and what I like about using kits and that my first few choices – paper and some embellishments are right there for me to use, but then I still get the fun of adding in a thing or two from my stash. I’ve already got 5 pages done and we just started on Thurday – and I like all 5. Yeah for kits!

  84. I love that kits have atleast one cute thing that I have never seen. Thanks for the chance.

  85. I like the inspiration that I get from a kit. I’m loving your kit class since it’s giving me ideas on how to make my own kits. I especially love your checklist!

  86. ohhh… whats not to like about kits!! they are full of suprises :0) bits if this and bits if that… so inspiring and so much fun :0)

  87. I’ve never actually used kits, so doing your class is spurring me to create some of my own, and to register for a kit club for a 3 month trial (the one I picked (a NZ one) has delivery after 25th of each month, so class will be nearly over by the time I get my first one at the end of November – I should have lots of good ideas on what to do with the kits by then).

  88. I love kits. I tend to get analysis-paralysis. And kits are a great way to provide limits that allow my creativity to fly. Otherwise, my stash just grows and grows! I’ve always wanted to try Studio Calico! Thanks for the chance!Karen

  89. I love kits because they challenge me-if I commit to just using kit materials, I end up trying things I otherwise would not. I LOVE that, it totally inspires me!

  90. I’ve never used a kit, but love what you do with yours… well, really anything you touch looks better! I love hidden or secret journaling, so those cute envelopes appeal to me, too. Thanks for the chance to sign, er, um, WIN your Yearbook!

  91. Oh such a beautiful kit! I love playing with items that go together in the kits and seeing what creations I can make. I love this!

    Thank you for a chance to win such a wonderful kit. I can’t wait to try it out if I am the lucky person!!

  92. I love the alphas and cool embellies from these kits! I’ve asked for a subscription for Christmas. My fiance said, “We’ll see.” LOL.

  93. I love the variety. It is like when someone else makes a salad for you- it is not what you would pick, but it is fun to try a different combination of goodies!

  94. May this is so nice of you to share the goodies. I’d have a hard time letting this one go-even if I did have 2. So good for you.
    Kits are great because I don’t have to dig through all my paper, embellies, etc to match up stuff for a page. It’s all there already. I’m just now getting in to kits-I thought they were too expensive, but now after scrapping a few years I see the advantage and that they aren’t expensive for what one gets. I am now Pro-kit! LOL

  95. Kits I love as they take all the guess work out so i can spend the bulk of my time playing and creating my pages! Love scrapping! Loving your class so far May, thank you xx

  96. I love the fact that everything coordinates, and that takes a lot of the time out of scrapbooking. You know how sometimes it just takes ages picking and mixing and matching papers and alphas and embellishments etc etc etc….!
    In this kit, I absolutely adore those woodgrain alphas. So different, but so classy.

  97. I have not used too many kits but when I have it is very easy to find things that go together. Is that too obvious an answer??

  98. I am Love Love Loving the kit class. I live in a very small town and it is difficult to find some of the cool embellies found in these kits. The kits you choose are The Bomb hehehe We seem to be alike in the style that we like, but my actual layouts are pretty simple. They don’t seem to have that layered girly look that I’m looking for. That’s what I’m hoping for in taking your class. Hope I WIN the kit! Cherie

  99. Kits have been a salvation for me since the scrapbook store near my house closed about two years ago. The next closest one is at least 20 min. away and with two kids at home, the opportunities to spend 1-2 hours perusing fabulous scrapbook supplies is limited!! I also love how it forces me to use what is available – if it’s not exactly what I need I try to make it work. And it prevents me from buying everything under the sun, not using it, then accumulating in my craft room for months and months. Thanks for the giveaway!

  100. I like kits because I’m challenged when it comes to mixing patterned papers and kits make it so much easier.

  101. Great paper. I’ve never tried a SC kit so I’m interested in learning more. Kit stretch me to try something new.

  102. I have a mountain of kits waiting to be used up (they are very sad and lonely!) so I just signed up for your class in hopes of some inspiration – you came highly recommended. So tonight I start my very first BPS class and look forward to using up some of my lovely kits…and maybe adding a new one???Please…..:)

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