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Well today was judgement day, as it was the first time since I turned 30 that I went to the gym. I’ll confess after the birthday cake and luxurious weekend I was nervous… but apparently for no need. Yes, I am 1 pound away from the goal I set for myself ‘by 30’ back in January. I take that as a big WIN. That puts me at about 18lbs lost so far in 2009, and 1 size down as well. I still have a long road to awesome¬†physical fitness- but I’m heading in the direction I should be and that makes me thrilled.

If you’re thinking ‘oh, I so need to get in shape/loose weight’ my advice is this- just start. You have to start somewhere, and if that’s with more exercise, vegetables, CUT BACK on that eating out, eliminate all drinks but water, reduce calories/become more aware of what you’re eating… wherever you start, just get that ball rolling. There will always be birthday cake and a busy life waiting… the good/quiet time you seek is not coming. You’ve gotta carve out that time for yourself! If you’re into groups or crazy fad diets or the latest exercise craze that’s fine, but I just changed to a healthy diet & exercise plan I can maintain for life. (and it’s working)

If it’s not working try more. work harder. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Because at the end of the day? Being fit and firm feels good. Feels healthy.

and I’ve got more energy and look better than I did 1, 2, even 5 years ago.

THAT, my friends, is a win.

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  1. Way to go May – I am a little depressed about the whole weight and exercise thing right about now. Good job to you!!

  2. Congratulations May! That is awesome. I don’t need to lose weight BUT I do need to get more exercise. Happy Birthday!

  3. So rarely do we hear this kind of sound advice regarding health and fitness. Really great post, May. I appreciate your enthusiasm. You inspire me! : )

  4. I agree, just start. I’m down 11 lbs since Feb, 15 more to go. The other good advice is if you fall off the wagon start again right now, not tomorrow, now.

  5. What a great accomplishment May. You should be very proud of yourself. We all know it’s not easy but as they say “slow and steady wins the race”.


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