hey buttons. hi monday.

Some random Sunday night musings.

Check out this postcard. 


Loving the heart buttons all lined up. I’m thinking about projects that need more cowbell buttons. Feeling EXHAUSTED from travel, but glad to be back home. It’s always a ‘aw man’ moment when you get back to reality and everything is just as you left it – like it or not.

oh suns

Like this embossed suns paper project (That’s core’dinations cardstock in effect- it’s cool). I have to decide where I’m taking it. I thought vacation would help clear up my vision on it, but it hasn’t so I’ll set it aside for now.

Looking forward to? MONDAY, a new week, and getting back to exercise. I swear I feel more lethargic and chunky just from lack of chugging tons of H2O and exercise while I was away.

Off to drink more water and get much needed sleep.

(PS- read nothing noteworthy, good, great, or otherwise memorable while away. dang!)

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  1. Love your suns. I’ve been looking at that core’dinations paper online. (Sadly, it’s not available locally). It just looks like it would be a lot of fun to play around with.

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