new favorite pic.

So I realized that the headshot I use for bio/profile shots was taken back in 2006 and that maybe I could do a new photo since I have a camera and all. So I did. How does it go? Well I hold out my arm and take photos from slightly above myself or even with my face. NEVER FROM BELOW! Then I take about 100 more, each at slightly different angles of my head. Finally, I upload them all, pick the one I dislike least, and ta da! A new headshot is born.


TIP: I de-saturate by about 40%. This helps if you’re sunburned from a Giants game (whoops), or just want to make it a little more chilled out in color.

Fyi- I take them by myself because a certain husband is useless in such things. He’d either take photos with way too much background or make me laugh so much I look really dumb in every picture.


However… during this photo shoot a little 4 year old wandered in and asked for her photo. She wanted silly photos and told me “make a face like me mommy!”



Can you feel the silliness?

good times, and a photo I’m anxious to get scrapbooked…

15 thoughts on “new favorite pic.”

  1. Wow! You took a fantastic photo of yourself!! I really like the silly mother/daughter photo too. It just screams, “having fun”.

  2. OMG – That photo of you and your little is just priceless… I like it more in color though, just shows the expression so much more! You both are super cute!

  3. what a beautiful picture of yourself and the other picture with your daughter is priceless

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