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Hi. I’m here in my crafting dojo working on a number of things. Paint + cardstock are two major players, though a lot of scissors and fun are coming into the mix too. First – can you help me figure something out? what is this stuff called? You can buy it on a spool near ribbon I think… what do you call it?


Honestly I don’t know what to call it I just know it makes AWESOME honeycomb like pattern on my paper. Can you help me?

Currently I’m drooling over the new Cosmo Cricket that’s coming out soon, having fun playing with some Basic Grey (marrakech), looking forward to the arrival of some new cardstock to try out, and working on secret things.

Secret thing #1: my 2and project now class for Big Picture. (SOOO FUN – more coming soon!)

Secret thing #2: my article for that goes up June 1. (again, more coming when I can!)

Secret thing #3: a summer project for above mentioned website that will involve not only the Fiskars Design team, but also 14+ top crafters who blog sharing ideas and lessons. It’s going to be AWESOME and I’ll share more when I can.

I know, I should make a record and play it on repeat ‘I’ll share more when I can…’ Hey- but at least I shared my secrets!!! While I get back to work on all of that I will leave you with this for the weekend:


Miss E posing in her workout wear (crazy cute) that I wish I could pull off. Not yet. Still not loosing pounds this month… but I’m keeping at it and working out the hardest I ever have!!

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  1. Not sure if you call it the same thing over there – but we call that stuff magic mesh.
    PS – now that is a cute smile for the camera.

  2. Our fabric store calles it “punchinella” and the craft store calls it “Sequin waste” – Either way, love the results you got

  3. My first thought was MESH. It comes in lots of finishes…fabric, metal etc.

    Great photo of E !

  4. As Sandy said, this sequin waste is called Punchinella!
    It sure makes a cool stencil, doesn’t it?
    Cute “Muscle Girl” photo of Miss E!

  5. I’ve been wondering what that stuff is called too. Did some research and here’s the answer…Magic Mesh.
    you can get in all sorts of colors. The dollar stores around here have it in red, gold and silver and it’s great on cards and to use as masks for creative backgrounds.

    Fiskateer #1485

  6. Yep, it’s punchinella or otherwise known as sequin waste. It’s the negative leftover after sequins are punched out of it. They usually sell a lot of this for people to make bows out of. But I have a bunch of rolls that I picked up at SAS Fabrics in Tucson awhile back.

  7. Yes May I would call it Magic Mesh but it is also sometimes found in fabric stores.

  8. Glad you asked that question. I received some of that in a scrapbook kit that I receive each month but was hoarding it because I didn’t know where to get more. I figured it wasn’t typical mesh (I have plenty of mesh) because it’s a little more sturdy. Now that I know what it is, I will be stalking local fabric stores!

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