dear kid.

Hey E, it’s mom. So it’s frustrating that your idea of a cute photo is this:


Where is the beautiful little girl I know and love? Why must she hide when the camera is seen? (sigh) Once in a while I catch a smile or nice face, but mostly you want to make weird faces like daddy does. I’m ok with that – just know that you can’t get mad when you’re older and wonder why there are so few ‘pretty’ pics compared to so many goofy ones.


Also, don’t blame me if I try more with your sister who is currently in HAM stage. You say smile to little sister and she’s ON IT.


Honestly, so cute.

Silly is good too… but cute will always get more scrapbooking face time so be warned.

Love you always and no matter how you choose to smile at the camera –


8 thoughts on “dear kid.”

  1. How cute!!!

    Someday she will wonder why she made all those goofy faces – my nephew is 6 and going through the same phase!! I tell him his face is gonna stay like that!!! LOL

  2. Here’s a tip I read that I use with my grandsons – ask her if you could please take 2 photos. The first is for her – she can do/look however she wants, and the second is for you, so could she please smile pretty at the camera?

  3. As someone who doesn’t like having her photo taken, I can totally relate to Miss E !

    I have a nephew that refuses to let us get a good pic of the grands for my inlaws! Everytime we try and get the kids together, all us adults take several photos and it never fails, every one will have “C” making some sort of weird/goofy face! The kids is now 13 ! (and still does it to some degree!)

  4. Those photos along with the “letter” you wrote on this post would make a fun scrapbook page. You’ve already done the hardest part: journaling!

  5. You’ve got your journaling all set for the “making a face” photo. You can never beat a cute smile though.

  6. Oh what an adorable little note, I remember as a child going through that stage of pulling faces everytime I saw a camera, now I just avoid them all together lol.

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