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It’s December, probably my favorite month of the whole year. Everywhere I look there is festive decorations, sweet treats, and people doing nice things for one another. I also see how slim this year is (gift wise) and how so many of us are struggling.

I’ve done some thinking, and I’ve come up with a fun little treat for you, my blog readers this year. I’ve got at least 12 gifts here that I want to give to you. Chocolates, scrapbook supplies, even a few books! Randomly between now and December 31st I will post them one at a time. When? How long will they be open to enter? That’s all part of the fun and surprise.

I’ve also got fun craft project ideas to share, and as usual more, more, more.

Oh yeah- the cute little box of chocolates pictured is gift #1. Some yummy sees chocolates in just the right (almost guilt free) size. ** WINNER HAS BEEN DRAWN! SEE PRIZE #2 POST FOR WINNER. More prizes coming… stay tuned!

33 thoughts on “from me to you”

  1. How fun! See’s chocolate 🙂 YOU ROCK the way to everyones heart at least mine is Chocolate! 🙂

  2. I love See’s! Oh you’re making me homesick, this is my first Christmas without See’s as we don’t have them here in New York!

  3. See’s candy, holy moly, they don’t sell that stuff here in Minnesota (online only). That used to be a family favorite back in California. I always miss the little things alot.

  4. Our Wegman’s used to carry See’s and I fell in love! Best chocolates, ever!
    You are so SWEET to offer them as a special treat.

  5. MMmmmm! Love Mary See’s enought to have her portrait in my home. The ME card with the Scottie is so cute!

  6. are so sweet and thoughtful to think of others at this time of year!! Everyone loves a little chocolate! 🙂

    Thanks for all the inspiration you give us on your blog.. it’s wonderful!

  7. Oh I have heard you raving over the Sees chocs but I have never tried them so count me in.
    Thanks for thinking of us.

  8. Though I’ve never had that brand of chocolates, I’m not one to pass on a sweet. Thanks for all the inspiration. My favorite part of the day is checking your blog.

  9. chocoate……did u say chocolate…….yumm…drinking a chocolate flavored coffee right now as I read your blog! I love starting my day this way & catching up with everyone else even if it is not via a phone LOL!

  10. Love me some See’s Candy!
    I LOVE Christmas, too…but we moved two weeks and and the motivation to unpack is so not there!

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