Love Actually

It’s a great movie, one of my favorites probably. Though I have many favorites. Anyhow- today I keep thinking about it thanks to radio (songs from the movie keep playing on my stations!). I went over to youtube and dug up some clips I want to share. Jump is a great dancing song, and I love this scene.


and this is just so sweet and cute.


Hope your day is merry.

15 thoughts on “Love Actually”

  1. Two of my absolute favorite parts of that movie. Now I need to go rent it again 🙂

  2. You made me want to see the whole movie again! My Mom has it on DVD, so I am going to warn her that it is going home with ME next Sunday!

  3. I am a big Hugh Grant fan. Love About a Boy, Notting Hill, the Bridget Jones movies and this one. I cry my eyes out every time I watch it. Laugh my head off at some parts. And just plain old enjoy myself through the rest.

    I’ll be watching it soon.

    Just need to dig it out.

  4. Oh my goodness!! That entire movie is awesome!!! Love it from start to finish. I keep the dvd in my scrapbook room and watch it regularly. Thanks for the clips!!! 🙂

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this MOVIE! I watch it every Christmas – And well a few other times a year too – Whenever i’m down this movie makes me happy..

    ” i feel it in mah fingahs, i feel it in mah toes!”

  6. I’ve never seen that movie. Looks good. Thanks for the clips! They were funny and cute!

  7. We just watched this AGAIN last night. I think we watch it EVERY December. Was amazed that it’s from 2003. Always a happy, feel good movie. Today we’re going to see Four Christmas’. Then later we might watch The Holiday :-).


  8. oh my…i love that dance scene and i love hugh grant also. I will have to rent that movie again.

  9. I love that movie too….hubby and i drag it out often to watch! one of my favorite moments in the movie is at the end when hugh grants characters girlfriend( sorry blanking on the names..its too early) jumps into his arms at the airport and the press goes crazy…LOL!!

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