sister pics

One evening while my sister was here we put on full make up and did a quick photo shoot. I always try to either have a (distant) background, or if it’s close make sure it’s neutral and won’t take away from the headshot style pic.

It was fun taking pictures of an adult subject for a change, and especially one who doesn’t pose like this…

Don’t get me wrong- I love Jason’s goofy photo poses. (but) it’s nice to have somebody who wants pretty pics. I decided to de-saturate and add a decorative border/frame on this one…

Love it! Man I do love photoshop elements. Right now though, as I sit and talk pictures I think about 2 things.

1. I need to start learning more about my camera. It’s smarter than me by a long shot, and I need to figure that bad boy out. It has a DVD to watch, and a manual to read. Guess I’d better stop procrastinating!

2. I need to give away a copy of paper + pixels!!! Whenever I do fun photo editing like on my sister’s photo above I think about how much I learned writing that book, and how much I love the book!

So… I’ve got a copy to share. Want to get into a little hybrid scrapbooking? This book is so for you! Just leave a comment here. 🙂