workin’ matilda

matilda (aka my sewing machine) has been a very nice friend lately. She’s stitching on a lot of paper and scrapbook layouts, but she’s not complaining. Nope. she’s being real cooperative. I don’t dare say I’ve told her who’s boss… because I know darn well it’s up to her and the sewing goddesses whether or not I succeed or fail at my simple projects!

I still only straight or zig-zag stitch… but enjoying working more machine stitching into my scrapbook layouts. I’m really into the look I get.

This layout is all from the Jenni Bowlin September kit. That’s Elizabeth a little over 2 years ago at my mom’s cabin. LOVE that cabbage rose stamp. After making this page I’ve decided I really feel like doing a project with some ruffles. Ribbon? paper? fabric? dunno.

I’m going to go talk to Matilda about it and see if she’s down with the idea.

13 thoughts on “workin’ matilda”

  1. Can you believe I have never owned a sewing machine?!! I think I am afraid of them and wish I were not because I love the look of stiching on a layout. Speaking of layouts this one is gorgeous. And I love that your machine has a name.

  2. Love the layout. Matilda did good! I’m stil trying to get brave enough to use my sewing machine. LOl

  3. I love that you named your machine and that you know she will have a mind of her own on most days!

  4. may, i have to congratulate you. i attempted to sew around the same shape where you did a straight stitch on your page (the jenni bowlin shape) about a week ago and yours looks SO much better. haha. i can tell that you were a little more patient than i was with mine… since i had to cover up most of the areas i stitched. i’ll try to post it soon so you can have a good laugh. :]

  5. I am so wanting to incorporate more sewing and fabrics into my scrappy pages – I think I even suggested something about seeing more of this kind of stuff on – I love this page and really want to learn how to do more of this!!

  6. That LO is adorable, I am sooooooo intimidated by my grandmas machine, maybe I should start by giving her a name and drag her out of the closet and try. LOL

  7. Love the LO! You are making me want to go buy a sewing machine LOL! It really makes great on the LO.

  8. I love this LO! I have yet to try sewing on a LO! You have given me inspiration to try it!

    Thanks May!

  9. I so love the look of stitching on a LO. Yours is just beautiful! I have yet to try it – but surely, someday…

    I’m working on a heritage album – and there HAS to be a great opportunity for some beginning stitching there!

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