yes, I’m THAT GIRL.

The one with 2liters of water. 5 kinds of candy. 2 types of gum. Enough reading and writing for 12+hrs. The girl who has a dozen different snacks so that she has options.

I’m that girl on the plane.

I can’t help it. I over-prepare for flights. I must have PLENTY of everything I might want or need on a plane. Don’t ask why- I don’t even know. But I know more than once I’ve seen people who WISH they had thought ahead enough to bring “more everything”.

What are your plane rituals?

12 thoughts on “yes, I’m THAT GIRL.”

  1. My emergency have-to-have necessicities include socks, a blanket,(I freeze) at least 4 new books (I read fast and can’t sleep on planes), gum, ipod, soduko book, an extra pair of undies and a shirt in case of lost luggage, my phone and charger, address book, my directions and reservations for our trip, ibuprofen and my treat is always the new cosmo or my real simple magazine. I love traveling and I like to fly a lot. We are going to Montana in July for 10 days and I hope it gets warmer up there soon, since this socal girl can’t take the cold.

  2. HEY!!!!
    I haven’t flown since 2000 so I can’t comment, but I wanted to say hi and that I found you – long time no talk!!!

  3. Must have:
    new book -has to be cracked open in flight, no sooner
    new magazine
    snacks – no way am I buying a $5 can of Pringles
    hand sanitizer
    Diet Coke
    Wish I could travel more, but sadly only for work these days. Happy trails, May. See you soon. ~Amy

  4. I haven’t taken a plane in years! We normally travel by car and yikes….you don’t even want to know what we take! LOL

    Safe Travels May

  5. Diaper bag. All said. No book, obviously, as that’s dead weight.
    Happy lonesome flying, May! Enjoy!

  6. Lol, Lene! That’s been my recent flights as well! Back in my BC days (before children), it was also at least 2 books, gossip magazines, water, and loads of snacks. Now the water and snacks still apply (although candy has since changed to goldfish) and the magazines and books would be useless! Have a great trip, May!

  7. Um, I have to say my #1 plane ritual is to avoid them at all costs. I do not enjoy a single thing about flying.

  8. A new magazine, water, crystalized ginger, gummy candy or twizzlers, hand sanitizer, and ear plugs or a head set to drown out the loud snorer that somehow always gets the seat behind me!

  9. funny. i just posted about not wanting to pack for my trip tomorrow. ha.

    i used to be a huge over-packer. i’ve gotten a lot better since most of my flights are just to vegas which is less than an hour, and i realized how ridiculous it is to have *that* heavy of a bag for an hour flight.

    but still:
    snyder’s sourdough pretzel bites. ALWAYS.
    peanut m&m’s. ALWAYS.
    vitamin water. ALWAYS.
    dramamine. ALWAYS. [after one bad flight, i don’t take my chances even on the short flights.]
    blank paper + pen. ALWAYS.
    camera. ALWAYS.
    ipod. usually. [my ears hate flying, so i’m lucky if i can handle wearing the darn headphones.]
    new magazine. usually purchased with the vitamin water after security.
    a book. usually. [could be new or an old favorite.]
    and of course my id and some in case of emergency cash. :]

  10. Prayer for
    an seat on the asile
    no screaming babie
    no one sitting next to me

    I take a change of clothes in my carry on (I’ve had luggage lost when I went to Estonia and it took a week to find me)

    Magazines, books, and my camara!

  11. Lots of books…I need choices! My toothbrush and a change of underwear (HATE losing luggage and having to wait for my underwear)…baby wipes…make-up…hairbrush…music.

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