from me to you:


Well with family parties and life and such… I really have about 2 days ‘full’ that I can utilize to work and prepare for my upcoming trip. So it’s crazy. But yet I am here blogging. Go figure. The one HUGE travel revelation I will share with you is this:

pick a color. Black or brown. Choose one, build your wardrobe around it. A few years back I could only bring 1 nice pair of shoes, purse, etc… but needed 3 nice outfits. Some needed black shoes, some brown. Right then and there I decided that unless something came along that just rocked my world, I would only buy nice clothes that would work with brown shoes. (t-shirts and such don’t count, of course) So, brown is my neutral color. Doing this has made packing for travel tremendously easier and lighter. Seriously. I still have a few random ‘black based’ nice clothing pieces, but they are for from-home only. Not for travel.

I am uploading photos to so that I can pick them up this afternoon. I found a few pics that I feel like sharing here. First- I really rock at making apple pie. Here is the last slice. (sigh) It was good while it lasted. Sadly, I only got 2 pieces. This summer I hope to try my hand at some berry pies. But no time for that now. Moving on.

Rebecca is, indeed a human cupcake. So sweet and cute and irresistible.

New kicks = fun photo shoot. Elizabeth and her daddy are both in love with her new sneakers. Especially daddy who loves that she’s wearing Vans. The whole outfit here is fashion by daddy. Elizabeth just loves having new shoes to show off and scuff up. She wants them to come on “bay-cation” and I think they just might.

This is from the jelly belly factory. They make all kinds of chocolates and such too. See those ‘muffins’ behind E? They are pure chocolate and stuff. No ‘cake’, just chocolate filled goodness. it’s too much for me- but I’m sure they would be cool to share or something.

Well back to uploading to costco and packing things up. Already done with about 43 of the 2345 things on today’s to-do list, so that is a GREAT thing!!!