4.24 (scrapbook) LOVE LIST

  1. www.apeekintoyesterday. Not only do they carry the only cardstock I like to use (Prism), but they are fast on orders and have great service. I *need* some cardstock ASAP… I ordered it an hour ago and already have a ship notice! “peek” rocks!!
  2. Sugared. Not only is sugar my favorite food group, but Basic Grey named this collection after it, AND made it yummy colors I can’t resist. (not that I normally resist anything from BG)
  3. heidi grace heart (rain-dot like) accents. I love them SO much… I can’t even give any extras away. seriously. I’m sick. I love them too much. When I find a source for them I’ll share for sure. You can see 3 of them on the layout below (rigth next to the ‘beautiful’ sticker)…
  4. making round layouts from dinner plates. craft knife + dinner plate = round layout. perfect. simple. no circle cutting tools required.

(the round layout is using Heidi Grace ‘little birds tale), which is sitting atop a heidi grace ‘baby’ page…)

I’m off to continue packing, photograph the process, and I’ll report back soon.