penguin love

I’ve never been a penguin fan. I don’t dislike them- I just don’t especially love them. Then I walked into Donna Jean’s store up in Carson City. ( and found penguins- memory box style.

Memory box is a company that I’ve loved since back in my local scrapbook store managing days. LOVE their stamps and their cute but not too cute style. (know what I mean?) Anyhow, Donna Jean had a lot of their yummy goodies in stock and I had to buy a few things. Some 6×6 paper packs, and these two stamps.


Amy bought the pirate one. We are talking about getting together to crop and celebrate penguin cuteness. (and have cupcakes, for sure).  I can’t wait! Oh, and if you’re wondering why it took me a week to mention my wee little stamps that would be because I just unpacked them. Yes, I’ll admit it took nearly a week to empty my bag. Right now I’m off to party with the artist one + pics of Miss Elizabeth painting.

After that I’ll probably make up a wish list of stamps I want from memory box… so much cuteness!