bullseye, I love you.

I have a rule- target every 2 weeks at most. Unless there is an emergency situation. Then, when I go it’s a full hour love fest of all that is new and fun and cool. I truly love Target. Where else can I get new gym pants (ugh!), diapers, baby food, Bee Movie (next week for E), cereal, new pillowcases, tylenol for the teething one, and more? Not only that, but they are always putting in rockin’ cool stuff. ALWAYS! I get all excited when I have a trip like today where I’ve not been in for… well at least 3 weeks. probably more like 5 weeks!

Item #1 that caught my eye:


It cracks me up. Not sure if it’ll give a good pucker- but I am a sucker for both lip gloss and funny packaging.

The rest of the shopping cart was fairly routine and dull. Elizabeth was over the moon to find herself the new owner of paints (finger and water color). As she spent yesterday using every drop of paint in the house.


her studio is in the garage. She loves when daddy is at work and she has space to get arty. Speaking of E… she’s up and asking for cupcakes and paints. That’s my girl!

5 thoughts on “bullseye, I love you.”

  1. She’s going to be crafty just like her mom! My DS used to love PLAY DOH at that age. He & his cousin would spend hours at his little table (it used to be mine when I was little) that was set up in our kitchen and play. I so wish I took more pics back then. (he’s almost 22 now) He had his own rolling pin, cookie cutters, etc. I made my own play doh & colored it with food coloring. At least mine was ok to eat. If you want a recipe, I still have it. lol

  2. Every two weeks? Man, you’ve got some willpower. I must have my Target fix once a week. In fact, I’m going there RIGHT NOW. See ya!

  3. oh i love the packaging on the lip gloss!! i have to look for it at target..i have to go at least once a week…i can’t live without my diet coke( and chocolate but thats between *wink*)

    aww how precious!! Do you plan to frame any of her work to hang around the house or in her room? I framed a few of my boys pictures from 1st and 2nd grade and they still are up. Kids just have such grat imagination!!!

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