day 1 | vacation week

What seems like weeks but was probably months ago, I was chatting with Melissa and she made asked how my Disney World album was going. I laughed and said something like “there’s a few pages in there still to go…” She mentioned that she scheduled herself to do a week of blogging about vacation scrapbooking, and asked if I wanted to join in the fun. I said YES – because it would give me some inspiration to get more done AND the chance to blog about my #1 favorite subject to scrapbook: vacations.

Today to get things started I have a video (about 7min long) where I am talking about my “big vacation” scrapbooking methods and the album and page protectors I use.


Please do come back for more – I will share new layouts, tutorials, and materials using my unfinished Disney World trip/album as my inspiration all week. While I’m “going Disney” – the tips, ideas, and methods I use could be applied to any subject, event, or vacation. I hope you enjoy. Here are links to the album type and page protectors I use: has a wonderful selection of the albums + page protectors I like to use.

If you have any questions, comments, etc. about my video, or vacation scrapbooking in general please feel free to email me or leave a comment here. Also – make sure you visit Melissa’s blog for vacation scrapbooking awesomeness! Love that girl’s style, and she’s been to some pretty cool places too.

happy crafting!