Creative Play with Gelatos [and a card]

002 Today I wanted to share a card I made with Gelatos – the basic how-to is this:

1. apply to paper

2. add water with a brush to blend

Easy! I used an embossed image here, so the gelato color initially stuck to it (because its raised) but once I added water the color slid right off and onto the plain paper.
004 The thing about new or new-to-you products is that you need to just know the very basic of how it works to get started. I see a lot of people get hung up on “but this is something new…” well most things work similarly to other stuff on the market.

For example, gelatos are like watercolor but in a chapstick-like form. Some of the approaches I use when I want to blend distress products works for them as well, and knowing that they will be reactive with water is key too. Once I know the basics, and saw a video showing some how-to I realized it really is as simple as apply + add water and off I ran.
007 One fun thing to do with them is to rub onto a stamp, then spritz lightly with water and stamp, as I did here below.
012 I really enjoyed my quick little 15 minute session with my gelatos, and getting more comfortable with them too. I really want to pull them out more often, and I think no-pressure short creative play sessions are key to that.
031 Here’s the card I made with my butterfly experiment-
supplies used:

note: the bottom row is not supplied used, so much as my favorite small/starter sets of gelatos! I got those first, learned them, and loved before diving into the BIG set that I used in the card above.