10/13: Kid Book suggestions

It’s been a busy new book month around here, and so I’m going to chat about 3 different titles today. Harper Collins sent me several new kids books to check out – and the girls and I recommend them all for a birthday, just because, or or Christmas gift. Most are for kids 5 – 8 or so… but Rebecca (Age 3) loves them all too. They’re boy or girl friendly too. Without further ado – here’s three great books.

My Mommy Hung The Moon: A Love Story by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell is the first title – the child tells about all his (amazing) mom does. I love kids books that have a lot of detail, interesting things to look at, and that can start a discussion. This does all of that.

I love the whimsical drawings and sweet story of how the mom bakes all the biggest cookies, does all these cool things. I love the book page and the baking pages best.

I think that could be a lot of fun to give an expecting mom too. Next up, a cat I wasn’t familiar with…

Scaredy-Cat, Splat by Rob Scotton is a book I don’t think I quite got, but the girls ADORE it. In fact – the kids we read it to at Elizabeth’s “read with us” time at school loved it too. So obviously my “it’s ok I guess” rating means nothing. The kids all LOVED it!

He is a pretty cute cat, and the girls enjoyed how he was trying SO HARD to be scary and win the prize… but really wasn’t a scary kind of cat.

Speaking of animals – we also got to read about some rescue bunnies…

Rescue Bunnies by Doreen Cronin is about a trainee bunny (they ‘rescue’, though it wasn’t quite clear if they were meant to be police, fire, or something altogether different) and the mission to save a giraffe. They talk about what will happen if they can’t save the giraffe (the hyenas will come eat it) – that’s one point I’d warn you about. Though my kids watch Discovery channel programs often enough they know some animals eat other animals and weren’t bothered by the sense of urgency given here to saving a life.

I cracked up at the movie references randomly placed through the book. A bit of humor for the adults. Everything does indeed turn out ok in the end (of course) and since we have a daddy who’s job it is to help and even save other people it was especially great. The fact that it was bunnies made it even better for my girls – they loved that!

Stay tuned – I’ve got some other books to recommend for (upcoming) holiday shopping, and a few books to give away in the next few weeks!!