Suggested Summer reads: June 25 edition

bit of magic, hint of romance, and three favorite books to share today…

On the Edge by Ilona Andrews
I recommend EVERYTHING by this husband/wife writing team so far. This is the first novel in their “Edge” series. It’s part romance, part fantasy, pure awesome. Action packed, amazing detail and world building, and a novel I loved from first to last page. The heroine is a strong magically gifted woman that lives in the area between the normal (aka non-magical world we know) and the weird wild magical realm. I also read, loved, and recommend the second book in the series- Bayou Moon. It’s kind of a hard series to explain – but if you’re a fan of darker, more paranormal/fantasy type fiction this could be your next favorite too.

The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen
What I love most is how this author infuses magic into her stories without spells or making it about that. Magic simply IS. In this story, we meet a sad girl who prefers winter because she can cover up and go hide in her closet eating chocolates and generally ignoring the real world. One day a woman appears in her closet, and everything starts changing… the real beauty is that our heroine is in fact the one who’s mixing up her world – not any magic. Between the memorable cast of characters and touching tale, I really enjoyed this book!

Every Boy’s Got One by Meg Cabot
One of my all time favorite romantic comedies, this one is told as diary entries and emails… and it’s awesome. The heroine runs off to Italy with her best friend and her fiancée to witness their marriage! So romantic, so exciting… except for the guy’s best friend who is totally against the whole thing but coming along as the best man. It’s funny, it’s light, it’s totally adorable. I read this when it first came out back in ’05, and I STILL read + love it every summer.


That’s what I’ve got for this week in summer reading suggestions – enjoy! and as always if you have suggestions don’t hesitate to share!