Pound (cup) cakes with oreo

I took a bundt cake recipe and turned it into single-serving size (aka cupcakes).

NOTE: you could TOTALLY substitute “oreo” for ANYTHING. I’m thinking Almond Roca (w/caramel drizzle on top), or maybe something with cinnamon, or maybe some kind of granola-y thing, or any other crush-able flavorful yummy treat really…

First: take a package of oreos, put into a plastic bag, and pound until broken up nicely.

then beat together (until smooth in mixer)
1 1/4 cups butter
3 cups sugar
then add (one at a time/mix well)
6 eggs
and mix in
1tbsp vanilla
then alternate mixing in small amounts of
3cups flour
1cup heavy whipping cream
until just incorporated, continue adding until all is mixed together. don’t over mix.

pour tiny amount of batterĀ into bottom of cupcake paper, pour layer of oreo crumbs, then fill cupcake paperĀ 3/4 or so full. It doesn’t rise much so don’t worry about that.

bake @ 350 for about 20 minutes, or until set + getting golden brown. I err on the side of UNDER baking just a bit – because I’d prefer a bit soft to dry and nasty.

makes 30+ wonderful, dense, fabulous cupcakes.

to top:
pour small amount of glaze and top with additional oreos.
make your own – or do what I do! take a can of cream cheese frosting and warm for 20-30 seconds in microwave to loosen it up. Then stir and pour a small amount on each cake, then top with oreo crumbs.

serve and enjoy! So far? Everyone is LOVING these. Even my best friend and husband (both of whom are exceptionally discriminating foodies) as well as all the ladies down at the scrapbook store where I first served them, and my two girls as well.