CHA 2015: Marion Smith Designs Color Lab

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New to me company Marion Smith Designs has a lot of lovely florals and absolutely the most beautiful booth background/walls as well.

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While her flowers, bits, and papers are lovely (and the papers are quite thick- nice!) it is her Color Lab that caught my attention.

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All of the elements can be purchased separately (pigments, bottles, etc)- but you can get everything you need in one kit ($24.99). What I think is really cool about this aside from the idea for both us as consumers and store owners with limited space – is that the one kit has everything I need to make 30, 50, as many colors as I can dream up!

Available now – isn’t it always fun to find new products that are shipping and ready? Blue Moon Scrapbooking carries the kit as well as many of her other products.

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Essentially the Color Lab kit has pigment colors that you can use to make your own mists, color paints and pastes with, and simply make your own custom colors. The kit comes with a recipe card to help you get started on color making. This is incredibly exciting to me, and I love the idea of such a small amount of product being able to do so much for me to make colors and extend the paint and paste possibilities with very little space and cost.

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There were so many bottles of mist on display – all made from the kit. Wow!

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I’m ordering one today from Blue Moon (link) so I can test it out myself and report back on how it works!