cherry peach crisp

We have crisp vs cobbler wars here in the Flaum house. I’m HARDCORE for crisps, which by my definition are fruit (baked) with some kind of crumbly topping. No “dough” or flour heavy junk. Brown sugar, butter, and oats are my staples! Jason, on the flip side, is hard core for cobblers which I almost never make because I don’t like most. More on that some other day. Today I’ve got a recipe!

In cleaning out my old computer I found these pictures and realized I’d not shared a truly DELICIOUS recipe. The photos? Taken on a dark stormy day just don’t do it justice. But trust me on this. So the back story: I was wanting some warm fruity dessert and all I had was a frozen bag ‘o peaches and one of black cherries. I decided to see what would happen if I made them into crisp!

3 tbsp butter + 3tbsp flour into pan until combined

Add some sugar (1/2cup?) and apple juice (1 1/2 cups-ish) until the goo is consistency of runny dough. Then dump the fruit in, stir, keep on medium heat, and wait.

I won’t lie. I darn near threw it out when I saw how GROSS it looked at first. But I kept stirring and eventually the water from the frozen fruit melted and became one with my roux (the flour/butter) and I got to a happy place of thick but ‘gravy ish’ consistency in the liquid. Then I poured into a pan.

Topping is 3 part oats, 1 part brown sugar, 1 part flour, and sprinkling of butter bits all over the top. Be generous! Oh, and since I was winter cupboard cleaning I added in a handful or two of sliced almonds. YUM!

edited to add: bake in oven at 375 until browned and bubbly. About 30min – not an exact science.

It’s AWESOME. Without the whipped cream (didn’t much care for that part – but again I was trying to clear out kitchen!) was best. Warm was heaven. Seriously SO easy to make cobblers and they are so good. You can sub out the flour if needed, and so many fruits work. The flour/butter (roux) that I started with is KEY to have a nice fruity gravy vs just watery stuff. The thing is – crisps

Ok, mouth officially watering now. I wish I had some!!