This week in my Scrapbook: Dragons!

I didn’t miss making last week’s page, but I got so busy that I forgot to post it! Ha! I created a lot of fun with some new goodies from (Affiliate links used below) by Shimelle. Loving these colors and dragons!

I don’t do a lot of “page about nothing” kind of random photos in my scrapbooks anymore, but this one had to be documented because this was a truly cherished moment of total sister bliss and togetherness, genuine smiles, and no fussing of any kind!

My girls are wonderful don’t get me wrong – but have mercy they can brawl! It’s just all part of the age, and my favorite moments are when I catch them being the best of friends, in a sisterly moment of togetherness. My page didn’t really feel complete so I added in some die cut flowers – note these were leftover from a previous project. I’m telling you I love having basic shapes and colors around cut for stuff like this!

I mentioned before – the supplies are mostly Shimelle’s line which can be found at   I’m such a fan of these colors and patterns not to mention the dragons!

I also used some random 28 Lilac Lane embellishments, puffy stickers, and a few other bits. I’m a big fan of looking around my desk and seeing “ok what is out that I can use?”

Hope you enjoyed this simple happy page – I’ve got some lofty goals that I’m nowhere near reaching but I will keep at it one page at a time!

Oatmeal Chocolate Almond cookies

Last weekend Elizabeth and I attended a horse show, eager to cheer on our friends long time and new and check it all out. I wanted to bring a treat – those events are always exhausting and you’re always hungry! So I whipped up two batches of cookies. The first was my sugar cookies. That recipe is easy! Any sugar cookie (dough in a tube, DIY – you pick!) then once cooked spread warm melted white chocolate over them, and let cool. Add sprinkles if you like – result is no mess ‘frosted’ sugar cookies!

The second type is my signature oatmeal chocolate chip cookies – and here’s the recipe:

  • Preheat oven 350
  • 1 cup regular (aka salted) butter (softened or melted ok too)
  • 3/4 cup brown sugar + 1/2 cup white sugar (mix well with butter)
  • add 2 eggs
  • add 1tsp vanilla
  • add 1tsp cinammon
  • mix 1 1/4 cup flour and 1tsp baking soda together, then add to other ingredients
  • add 3 cups oats
  • add 1/2 cup or so slivered almonds and chocolate chips to taste

Bake for 10-12 or so minutes depending on cookie size and preferred done-ness, and enjoy! I only make these beauties when I have others to share them with since they’re SO YUMMY and I eat them all up!

Elizabeth and I look forward to sharing (both treat and healthy snack!) more with our horse barn friends as well as our crafty friends! Always love cooking for folks, and glad this recipe was enjoyed!

All heart: fun little gift box

I decided to dress up a little pink gift box and I love the results! In this post I’ll share a recap of the how-to, a video, and what supplies I used. Note some affiliate links are used.

I began with a pink gift box, some embellishments, and of course my go-to glue: PPA. (here’s an amazon link for PPA) For starting off, I’d recommend one end to the other filling in space, then returning to fill more space as needed with tiny things, glitter glue, etc.

The YouTube video is posted here, if you’d like to watch the full tutorial.

The buttons and other small details are from my 28 Lilac Lane rose bottle, the stickers, heart, and butterfly are all Tim Holtz. has them all in stock – love those butterflies especially! On the side of this box I put stamps from a new to me “Mean Girls” movie inspired set by the Ink Road. They began selling to stores now – so you’ll see them in shops as well as in their own online store. These I just stamped with slightly darker pink ink.

To finish this off, I added some glitter with PPA. I’ve got a fun ‘galentine’ for my favorite gal pal, and it was a lot of fun to decorate and make a simple candy treat a lot more fun to look at! Hope that you have a sweet and crafty week!

Fiskars Rotary Trimmer: New favorite

My old trimmer is slowly dying, and I’ve been scared! There isn’t one out there I want… then I saw this trimmer at Creativation last month and just thought… my goodness that is THE trimmer for me! So here’s a quick video introduction:

I used the trimmer at least 50x since filming – and wow! It is exceeding my expectations and I can’t recommend it enough. It is available now. I got mine from amazon – great price. Here is an affiliate link to the trimmer. 

I really love that it folds and is usable folded or not. I love that it won’t need plastic refills, that it is self sharpening, and that it cuts so much and so well! If you have any questions I would be happy to answer. Otherwise expect to see this used in all my future projects. I’m so excited!

This week in my scrapbook: anniversary inspired

This weekend we celebrate our wedding anniversary, so I thought a layout of me and Jason would be fun to share!

My page was made with Vicki Boutin paper (isn’t it fun?!), and assorted stickers and embellishments most of which can be found at (affiliate link)

I love that this paper let me start with a quick base, and then I just added stitching, embellishments, and a few words. I created a 15 minute page and off I go! Such fun, and a great way to work in some quick crafting on a busy week too. Until next time – have a great weekend!