scrapbooking: with a Gossamer Blue kit

Me and paper crafting kits go WAY back. Once upon a time what I loved about them is that someone would coordinate supplies to go together. I could add as much (or as little) as I liked for my specific projects but I could get coordinated, beautiful products often times things I didn’t know existed nor could I find locally.

These days kit clubs have truly evolved and become so much more – and today I’m going to share some of my thoughts, tips, and explore the four options the wonderful company Gossamer Blue offers. OH yes, and they were so generous that I’ve got a kit to give away so be sure to enter!

Where to begin? When looking at a kit club I look for product types that are useful to me, and I look for unique products I can’t get myself easily. If all I wanted was just coordinated product, I’d just buy from one specific line/brand. Kit clubs can (and sometimes do!) take it way farther with unique offerings and also design teams that share projects and video tutorials to inspire you further.

Today I’m using a Traveler’s Notebook kit from Gossamer Blue to work in my 6×8 pocket page scrapbook album. You can see (and purchase) that kit here. I’m mixing it up like this because I wanted to prove a point. The life pages kit would have been perfect (and easy!) for me to use but I really want to show that you can take any paper craft kit and make, well, anything you want with it!

Gossamer Blue offers four different kits: Life Pages, Planner, Traveler’s Notebook, and Scrapbooking. I could use any and all of these kits for any and all paper crafting of course. Their kits are filled with exclusive product which is a HUGE selling point for me because it means this is unique “can’t find in shops” product. My recommendation with ANY kit club is to look at the contents, and see which variation(s) are actually the most useful to you. I’ve created a video to share with you as I walk through this simple page and also go over what I’m loving about these kits on YouTube.


As much as I could (and would love!) to keep all these beautiful kits to myself (mwahaha) I’m going to share them…

But before we get to that – let me share a couple of tips for purchasing kits:

  • Don’t fall in love in general – view specific elements consider them separately. Would you buy them?
  • Do consider what item(s) you tend to use, and if the kit contains types of items you use (or don’t use)
  • Do consider purchasing one at a time/a la carte vs subscribing if you don’t use a ton of supplies each month
  • Do consider the support/inspiration such as blogs, videos, etc.

I’m a “one at a time” kind of kit purchaser. Which does mean sometimes I miss out if they sell quickly, but that’s ok. Some months I purchase 2-3 various kits. Some months I purchase no kits from anyone! It works well for me, while for others having a beautiful kit every month automatically come in the mail works well.

As for this particular page – it’s actually the first (of MANY) in this album about our recent NYC adventure. I am a HUGE 6×8 fan for when you want a binder/album but 12×12 is just too big. Or when you want minimal decoration/fuss and maximum story telling fun. Before I end this post I will share a few top tips for adding your own supplies into kits:

  • Don’t treat a kit as something other than a grouping of supplies. Be open and willing to mix & match!
  • Consider what the kit doesn’t have. What isn’t there? White cardstock? gold mist? kraft paper? What are your go-to items? Add those.
  • Work on a one project at a time basis. As you create, feel free to add in, mix, match, and otherwise customize.

Kits make our crafty lives fun – so have fun creating with them!

Give away time!

One lucky winner will receive the June 2017 scrapbooking kit (so beautiful! so full of goodies!).. but wait there’s more! A second lucky winner is going to receive a surprise kit! For your chance to win simply leave a comment on this post. Winners will be announced on July 16th in the round-up post here on my blog.

I will be back creating more with these kits here on my blog – in addition to the ongoing Camp Scrap event. So stay tuned!! Thank you SO much to Gossamer Blue for supporting Camp Scrap and for sharing a give-away.

And thank YOU for tuning in to Camp Scrap, for your wonderful comments, and for being a part of this fun adventure!

Memory Keeping on the road: Scrapbook to go

IMG_6940 copy

Three years ago I began a scrapbook for our camping adventures. My idea was simple: journal on pocket page inserts while camping then add photos at home and done. It’s worked out INCREDIBLY well! We have notes on everything from what we cooked to what campsites we liked and random happenings.


Last weekend we went camping (Petaluma KOA – highly recommend it!) and I tried bringing along a few things. In my kit I had:

  • Close to My Heart camping stamps (seen in use here)
  • Close to My Heart 4×6 and 3×4 journaling cards (used here)
  • Close to My Heart copper foil tape (AMAZING, also seen here)
  • assorted ink pads, pens, stamp block, and a few stickers
  • 6×8 pocket page album (Simple Stories used here)

Not a ton, just enough to decorate some journaling cards and  play a bit at the picnic table! The key is to keep your supply list short and really limit how much you bring. Set a limit such as a small bag or tote, and only what fits gets to come!


I really had fun with just black, grey, and green inks as well as with this great Close to My Heart stamp set. Simple, cute, perfect for our adventures!


I really like top and bottom (to left or right) accenting cards the best because it allows a bit of embellishing but space for whatever tale I might be telling!


One thing I did this time – partially stamp! See below-



Once stamped, I ran some copper foil tape (a new favorite thing!!) along the bottom. Boom! A new stamp and this will become a title  card when I get home and add letter stamps or stickers!


I just love how these pages end up coming together with a mix of 3×4 and 4×6 stamps, and a big thanks to Close to My Heart to sending me some new supplies to try out.


Before I go, I have a few tips for creating on the go besides selecting just a few things to travel with:

  • Document the details from what you eat to funny moments
  • No detail too small – from the giggle worthy moment to the favorite soda to the quotable moment – jot it down!
  • Only bring a few things! You can always add in details and embellishments back at home
  • Take just a few minutes here and there. instead of simply waiting in line or checking social media – jot down the note!
  • Not a pocket page person? Save them and add them to traditional scrapbook layouts at a later time.

I hope you’ve enjoyed todays notes on memory keeping on the go. Having these records that have some scrapbook elements to them has been huge for us – so many “oh I forgot that!” moments as the book gets pulled out each and every trip. Have questions? Requests? Let me know!