Memory Keeping on the road: Scrapbook to go

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Three years ago I began a scrapbook for our camping adventures. My idea was simple: journal on pocket page inserts while camping then add photos at home and done. It’s worked out INCREDIBLY well! We have notes on everything from what we cooked to what campsites we liked and random happenings.


Last weekend we went camping (Petaluma KOA – highly recommend it!) and I tried bringing along a few things. In my kit I had:

  • Close to My Heart camping stamps (seen in use here)
  • Close to My Heart 4×6 and 3×4 journaling cards (used here)
  • Close to My Heart copper foil tape (AMAZING, also seen here)
  • assorted ink pads, pens, stamp block, and a few stickers
  • 6×8 pocket page album (Simple Stories used here)

Not a ton, just enough to decorate some journaling cards and  play a bit at the picnic table! The key is to keep your supply list short and really limit how much you bring. Set a limit such as a small bag or tote, and only what fits gets to come!


I really had fun with just black, grey, and green inks as well as with this great Close to My Heart stamp set. Simple, cute, perfect for our adventures!


I really like top and bottom (to left or right) accenting cards the best because it allows a bit of embellishing but space for whatever tale I might be telling!


One thing I did this time – partially stamp! See below-



Once stamped, I ran some copper foil tape (a new favorite thing!!) along the bottom. Boom! A new stamp and this will become a title  card when I get home and add letter stamps or stickers!


I just love how these pages end up coming together with a mix of 3×4 and 4×6 stamps, and a big thanks to Close to My Heart to sending me some new supplies to try out.


Before I go, I have a few tips for creating on the go besides selecting just a few things to travel with:

  • Document the details from what you eat to funny moments
  • No detail too small – from the giggle worthy moment to the favorite soda to the quotable moment – jot it down!
  • Only bring a few things! You can always add in details and embellishments back at home
  • Take just a few minutes here and there. instead of simply waiting in line or checking social media – jot down the note!
  • Not a pocket page person? Save them and add them to traditional scrapbook layouts at a later time.

I hope you’ve enjoyed todays notes on memory keeping on the go. Having these records that have some scrapbook elements to them has been huge for us – so many “oh I forgot that!” moments as the book gets pulled out each and every trip. Have questions? Requests? Let me know!

5 thoughts on “Memory Keeping on the road: Scrapbook to go”

  1. That is a cute stamp set! Good to see you’re getting around – Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. Great ideas! Love what you did here. You guys have lots of fun adventures. Cool stamp set, too, and that tape is awesome. Michelle t

  3. i love what you did with the small cards. what a great idea. Taking just a small amount of supplies with you is a great idea. I’m so glad you are back at it somewhat. i hope your arm is still improving. hugs, treen

  4. This is such a cool idea, & I love what you’ve done with it! When my mom & I would go camping some years ago, I was always the driver, so she was the main record keeper. She still comes across little notebooks & memo books with her writings on our travels. I just wish we had done what you did, with a proper book, when we were traveling. Thanks so much for sharing, and I hope you’re arm is getting better!

  5. I bet your girls really like looking through this album. It’s so great that you can capture all the little details

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