Scrapbooking: Hamilton Ephemera

Last year Becca and I had a deal – if she could keep up with entering the lottery, I’d take her to Hamilton if we won.

For MONTHS (7? 9?) she asked me each week for available days, and entered. Then on Christmas Eve her iPad pinged “you win”. We didn’t just win – the seats ended up together, second row, dead center!

So the question becomes: HOW do you scrapbook such an extraordinary event? My answer is actually quite simple: you KEEP IT SIMPLE.

While the temptation would be to go wild with tons of flashy (and expensive) embellishments, the truth of this story is extraordinary enough to not need it. AND we have a playbill and tickets that we can utilize for our flash.

When in doubt, ephemera and ‘life’ stuff always wins over stickers and scrapbook extras!

I printed a photo collage including a screen shot of the ‘winner’ notice, and I let the story tell itself. You can treat ephemera (tickets, paper type items) just as you would any other paper and utilize! Cut it in pieces, leave it whole – whatever feels right and works for you. There is NO wrong way!

I hope that I’ve inspired you to just simply tell a story. The only scrapbook supply here? The piece of cardstock this is all on!

This page is actually the start of a project I’m working on – two actually! I’m writing an ebook with video (class! coming soon!) AND I’m writing up an article about how I’m organizing and making plans to effectively get a few past years scrapbooked!

What are you crafting these days?

4 thoughts on “Scrapbooking: Hamilton Ephemera”

  1. Congratulations on winning!! How exciting!!. I love this layout. I am looking forward to your article about how you are handling getting some past years scrapbooked. I am in that boat now and not making much progress.

  2. How exciting was that!!!??? OMG, I would have that I was in heaven. This is an amazing layout. May you are just the best!!!

  3. How awesome! So glad you and she had this great experience together. My daughter’s Hamilton fever has cooled a bit from its peak a couple of years ago, but I hope I get to take her to see it someday. Right now I’m scrapping last summer’s Disneyworld trip.

  4. Wow! That is so cool that you won! what a great memory! And you’ve scrapbooked it already! Well done~~

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