ScanNCutDX: thank you!

The end of the school year is upon us, and it’s time for some thank you cards once again! I opted to hand write notes myself to the teachers because my middle school kiddos WILL deliver a small card (with gift card) vs flashier gift without embarrassment or feeling self conscious. What’s a mom to do? Why I got out my ScanNCut DX and got to work! The usual disclaimer here- I am a paid consultant for Brother, though all ideas and opinions are my own. This is a machine I love using and sharing ideas with you!

I ended up deciding on a heart covered in washi tape, some vinyl stickers for the sentiment, and a few buttons and do-dads to finish up the fun. You can watch my YouTube video here.

I love creating layered shapes like this with my ScanNCutDX! One tip I have when die cutting shapes is to make sure they’re very well adhered. This is what makes washi tape so ideal for this kind of a project because it is tape and so none of the edges should lift or cause issue when cut. If you are working with paper or other such material I recommend using all over adhesive vs a few spots to make sure you are well covered.

This kind of idea works so far beyond thank you cards as well! You can create scrapbook embellishments, ornaments, banners, and more! I hope I’ve inspired you today, and that you do share if you create some cards of your own!

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2 thoughts on “ScanNCutDX: thank you!”

  1. I remember when you created crafts with Carol Duvual….now I see you on Make It Artsy…..your the best of the best May
    You still are adored after all these years
    God bless you may & your family
    From Laurie Meadows in Las Vegas NV.

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