Craft with May: my month

Well friends here we go – it is my month officially. This month I turn 40, and I’m excited for a lot of reasons. I spent my 39th year really working on habits and good changes. The good news is that I’m doing it. The bad news is that man do I have a LONG road ahead to get where I’m trying to be!

I won’t bore you with all of the details, but for example on the bad side I gained 25lbs since this time last year. But on the good side, I’m working on rebuilding new exercise habits (they’ve never been quite great since ‘the accident’ that wrecked my wrist) and taking baby steps to fix that up.

On the good side, I’ve finally accepted more content planning and spreadsheets into my life and am excited about what this means for all the ideas and projects I’ve wanted to do but needed a bit stronger hand in the organization department. Down side there? Well it’s taken longer to get used to. But that’s ok!

Above you see the office closet – much cleaner! I’ve spent significant time streamlining and clearing out a lot of stuff so that I could better create and not get so bogged down in finding stuff!

In the year ahead I’m hoping to really get a dent going in some scrapbook projects, try more creative ideas, and I also hope to revamp my websites too. You know – in addition to changing my work flow, losing weight, getting more fit, and balancing life with a kid in Jr High and one in High School…

Totally doable stuff, with support and a good flexible plan!

So as I celebrate my month… watch for prizes, updates, and plenty of content I’m happy to share with you here, on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook too. I’m kicking off my 40th year with positive momentum and can do attitude!

7 thoughts on “Craft with May: my month”

  1. I hope 2019 is a great year for you May!! And that you accomplish all you hope to.

  2. Happy Birthday month, May! May all your goals come to life over the next year….knowing you, they will. Congratulations on what you accomplished this past year and your clean closet. Thank you for your inspiration.

  3. Happy Birthday Month, May! Looking forward to more inspiration! (And who knew Bandit could fit in a 12×12 cube like that? Never know till you try! Ha!)

  4. Happy birthday month May! People born in May are truly the best (I’m turning 52 this month!!)
    Beautiful photo of you May – I love your positivity and encouragement!

  5. Hey, it’s My Month too! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with, and hopefully what I come up with. I’m dusting off my creative cap and playing! YAY! I can’t wait for school to be out…which also happens to be in our month! May 31. It really cannot come fast enough!

  6. What an adorable picture of Bandit. Happy birthmonth because we know you celebrate all month, not just a day!

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