Heart Frame DIY

One of my 2019 goals is to use up and/or repurpose more, and clean out this closet of mine! As I was organizing last week I stumbled across a photo frame that I really like – except I didn’t like its color.

I decided to grab a bit of acrylic paint, my camera to record, and get to work! In less than 10 minutes I had a brand new looking frame just perfect for Elizabeth’s horse photo from her very first lesson at her new barn. This photo tugs all the heartstrings for me, as the instructor is the one that taught me how to ride back in the late 80s! (yes, when I do the math I feel old – ha!)

Here is a link to my YouTube real time video creating this if you’d like to watch the process. Essentially what I did was to layer three red/pink/orange colors onto the frame. Then finish with black paint lightly on the raised parts.

A project like this one will work with any frame that paint will stick to – just remember to leave the frame out to dry completely. I like ones like this with some texture/design to them, but you could easily DIY some texture with a stencil, then paint!

I look forward to bringing you more DIY and re purposed fun this year – stay tuned!

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