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One of my current goals is to get the girls engaging more in crafty and “non technology/screens” type things. So when I came across FoodStirs, a company that has some seriously fun and organic baking kits I decided to try them out!

This company has no idea who I am/not associated with them in any way. I will include some affiliate links later as some of their mixes are widely available. At the time I am writing this post, the girls have tested several months (I got them a 3 month gift subscription) and we’ve tested a few of their baking mixes as well. Above you can see the movie night cupcakes (SO GOOD!) that Elizabeth made for us just this week.

The idea of organic + super cute and fun baked goods to get the girls creating and learning? Heck yes! I will tell you the short review right now: this would make a wonderful gift for someone!

What is it? FoodStirs has kits you can subscribe to (or order a single kit, if available) on their website. These kits come with clear written and visual instruction.

What we liked about this is that it gave us a great sense of what to expect, and also let me walk away from the kitchen and for the girls to mostly handle these on their own. Once in a while there would be something just a bit tricky or new, then I’d step back in as needed. But the way these are laid out? The girls felt totally confident!

You’ll mostly need dairy items. Yogurt, milk, and butter are the most common things we needed although once in a while there was call for something else. Just make sure you look before you bake!

Our most successful and tastiest mix so far was the movie cupcakes – just so good! Our prettiest but biggest fail were the rainbow pancakes.

Actually they were pretty and delicious – but something went terribly wrong with the batter and I ended up grabbing some Bisquick and throwing it into the batter to make it work. Once in a while things do go sideways in the kitchen – so really it was a good lesson! The girls loved hosting our toddler neighbors and their mom for a breakfast party on rainbow pancake day.

As you can see – each month the girls had some serious fun getting a kit and creating! In addition to kits, FoodStirs also has baking mixes from cookies to bars to mug cakes that are also organic and I really appreciate the cleaner approach to baked goods! You can find a lot of these mixes at places like Target, and also Amazon.

Overall we will do a subscription again (Jan – March, most likely) for the girls to continue their baking fun and keeping their minds curious – while satisfying their sweet tooth as well!  If you’ve tested any of these baking mixes please do share! I’d love to know which one(s) are your favorites.

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  1. Great idea! I’ve been teaching my daughter, on and off (mostly off, lately), how to cook, but I’m not a good baker. Going to check this out for her. Michelle t

  2. Oh I love this idea! Speaking as the mum of a totally phone obsessed 15 year old boy I wish I’d done something earlier

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