Candy Corn Treats with ScanNCut DX

Tis the season for all things pumpkin, harvest, and candy corn! While not one of my all time favorite candies, it is one of the cutest of the season for decor & crafty fun! Today I am using my ScanNCut DX to make a felt layered candy corn accent perfect for a hair barrette, gift bag, or anything else you’d like!

The usual disclaimer here before we get rolling that I do work with Brother (proud to be a ScanNCut Brand Ambassador!) and that all ideas and opinions are my own.

This project in truth is a prototype of sorts! You see my daughter wants a candy corn skirt for part of her Halloween costume and so I am currently building and creating that as a part of her outfit. But before I do – smaller is better and that’s where this idea came into play.

The how-to is easy! You can watch the full tutorial on my YouTube video here.

  1. Cut out three pieces of felt (orange, yellow, and white) using the ScanNCut DX and a built-in triangle pattern.
  2. Cut down the orange and yellow felt as desired.
  3. Iron on the orange and yellow felt to the white
  4. Add stitching
  5. Attach to whatever you’d like!

This will work for any shape, any size, and any idea! I have so much fun this time of year with felt and hand stitching and I really love how this project turned out.

Above you can see the barrette I was going to attach this to – could have been super cute! Just add some hot glue and go. I’ve done this with a lot of felt shapes in past. In fact, just last summer while doing ScanNCut demos I wore a Strawberry one!

Here is what I ended up doing with this particular stitched candy corn – making a treat bag!

I stamped “treats” with a stamp I call my messy alphabet because I always end up with messy edge bits. Loved it for this! What fall crafting are you doing? What have you gotten into? Do tell! I’ll be sure to share how my candy corn costume turns out soon!

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  1. This is so cute May. I guess because in Australia we don’t celebrate Halloween I didn’t know what candy corn was until I moved to Hong Kong – where Halloween is getting bigger and bigger each year!

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