Around here: September 2018

September is here and with it I’m announcing fall, even though truly cool temperatures won’t be here for a few more months. August was possibly the busiest month I’ve ever had in my life – I was home for maybe half the month! Crazy times I tell you. I already reported on GenCon and all of that in the last report. So what else has been going on? Let me fill you in!


Above is a photo from my inlaws 50th wedding celebration – love these girls of mine! I only appear tall here because I was wearing heels. Otherwise Becca and I are pretty much the same height and Elizabeth is tallest!

We also helped our beloved cousin move into college nearby – excited to see more of her now that she’s so close! That was a eye opening experience for us all and a preview for the girls what all moving into college entails.

Milk tea remains a favorite rare treat in our house – I don’t see that changing! We’re lucky to have a nice local place that we enjoy getting it from. I like Lavender, while Becca is more of a fruity gal and Elizabeth is into the regular/plain.

Brother has a new ScanNCut machine coming (more on that in another post) – and I’ve been working on new videos with it. Stay tuned! Speaking of staying tuned…

The pups have taken to waiting out side for Rebecca to get home from school. With these lovely warm afternoons they love sitting and waiting. They’re NOT fans of the kids being in school- they much prefer their people to be at home!

Looking ahead we have a month full of school activities, and getting into a good routine. I’m working to make school hoursĀ  my primary “work” hours and make the most of that time. I’m excited about some projects I have planned, and optimistic about doing better work batching/sorting so that I feel like I have more free time to pursue passion projects!

What are you looking forward to this month?

2 thoughts on “Around here: September 2018”

  1. Hi May! Milk teas?! Explain these please!

    My boys are back at college, my girl started her first year of high school. Trying to embrace the season I’m in, though truth be told I love summer and my kids home, so making my own adjustments. Learning some watercolor techniques. Need to catch up on Project Life, but I’m not ridiculously behind, so not stressed over it.

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing your projects. I love Tim Holtz’s new stamp with the leaves and it has great sentiments. Thanks for sharing.
    Michelle t

  2. I just love seeing pics of you with your girls – you are all so natural and gorgeous and always smiling … and the girls are tall!!!
    So fun that you will have your niece nearby – I bet she will be great inspiration for your girls!!
    My son recently put me onto milk tea and I love it too – I love the way its made – do you have a special machine at your local place? Do you like the little boba balls? I do!
    I will try not to look at your posts with the new Scan n Cut as I’m still learning about mine! And I don’t want to get tempted into having to have a new one!
    I’m just back in HK from almost a month in Oz – so still unpacking and sorting~

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